Translation of malleable in Spanish:


maleable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmalɪəb(ə)l//ˈmæljəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (material) maleable
    (person) dócil
    • You might want to buy a cheap but malleable silver ring to practice on, or maybe a couple of them.
    • Palladium is a relatively soft, silver-white metal that is both malleable and ductile.
    • Nickell seems inspired by the malleable qualities of materials.
    • They were there with their control collar ready to make me malleable to their malign manipulations.
    • Gold is extremely malleable, and highly conductive, which is why they make circuits out of it.
    • The white irons of suitable composition can be annealed to give malleable cast iron.
    • I hardly think that the youth of the future are waiting for malleable faculty to lead them by the hand to willing computers.
    • And be aware of what may be imprinted on our impressionable and malleable children in their formative years by the people to whom we expose them.
    • But the rather malleable populace here seems to be quite pleased at this governmental largesse.
    • This malleable food source can be baked, dried in the sun, or mashed with water to form a porridge.
    • It just goes to show how malleable women are when there's the slightest suggestion of beauty and youth.
    • All implants are quickly inserted while the cement is malleable to allow proper positioning.
    • The metal of the pillar has been found to be almost pure malleable iron.
    • In certain applications, however, malleable iron has a distinct advantage.
    • Wet wool is quite malleable in terms of size, and you can get it to dry up or down a bit just by handling it properly.
    • Nothing survived of the malleable personality that so impressed us formerly.
    • Language is malleable and suggests change already.
    • Sometimes, however, these natives can be a tad too malleable and easily persuaded by those in their inner circle.
    • These are not entirely manageable or malleable cultural instruments the way that feudal institutions were.
    • The hilt of the blade is designed to hug the wrist, made of a lightweight, thin malleable metal for ease of wear.
    • Because gold is malleable and soft it tends to get pounded into little pancakes or smeared out in the crushing and milling equipment labs use.
    • Gold is malleable and does not fracture as it is tumbled about in running water.
    • Bones are shifting, hormones are flying all about, neural processes are still plastic and malleable and highly susceptible to influence.
    • Neodymium is a soft, malleable metal that can be cut and shaped fairly easily.
    • I envied how the material was so malleable compared to wood and that one could get so close to it.
    • Industrial and commercial fittings are made from galvanized steel, cast iron, or malleable steel.
    • He produced a far greater range of objects that more interestingly exploit the malleable substance.
    • But Anna is sexually malleable and could easily be taken advantage of by an unscrupulous dominant.
    • Sinclair gives the impression of being malleable, like he bears the print of whoever was last sitting on him.
    • As intensity is the urgency in her work, form is the malleable substance.
    • It scares people and people who are scared are more malleable, more easily led.
    • Gold is soft enough to scratch with a fingernail, and the most malleable of metals.
    • The varying opinions suggest that the laureateship is both a malleable thing and a work in progress.
    • Rather, research suggests that memories are malleable and reconstructed from a person's current remembering context.
    • The eager crowd are easily malleable in the Lady's gaze.
    • This allows the clay to form a malleable material.
    • He found that leather, highly malleable and easy to dye, was actually an ideal material for realistic sculpture.