Translation of mallet in Spanish:


mazo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmalɪt//ˈmælət/


  • 1

    mazo masculine
    • On small farms this was done with a flail or wooden mallet and block.
    • If bricks run slightly ahead of the pattern, use a rubber mallet to nudge them into place.
    • Start your screw hole with an awl by tapping gently with a hammer or a soft-face mallet.
    • Into this hole, tap in the spile with a wooden mallet.
    • The axe can then be hammered in further with a wooden mallet.
    • A smooth hide or even hard rubber/plastic mallet will mar it the least.
    • It finally gave up it's resistance with the help of a few smacks with a mallet and chisel…
    • The judge beat his wooden mallet on the podium, demanding order.
    • Cut off the wings, breast and legs and break up the carcass with a meat mallet.
    • For the finest of detail, he applies the trusty mallet and chisel.
    • Children were invited to have a go at making shapes using the tools of the wood carving trade - a mallet and chisel.
    • Flatten a chicken breast to 1/4-inch thickness with a meat mallet.
    • A rubber mallet is used to drive the blade halves into the green.
    • A wooden mallet was used to drive in the scallops without damaging the points.
    • Carpenters had mallets, hammers, drills, chisels, scrapers, planes, and copper saws at their disposal.
    • Most of the temporary equipment fits together easily with just a rubber mallet, screwdriver, pocketknife and a pair of pliers.
    • Use a mallet or hammer to tap knife gently through flesh.
    • The sentries banged the door five times with a giant mallet.
    • This handy wooden mallet was made from some left-over scraps of oak that I had salvaged from a pallet.
    • At the end of the ride, you will be hit on the head with a giant mallet.
  • 2

    (in polo) maza feminine
    (in croquet) mazo masculine
    • For the piece titled Passageways, Toivanen set a croquet ball and mallet against the gallery wall, ready for play.
    • I date men who knock me off my bike in bike polo by throwing a mallet at my spokes and watching me fall just like the boys.
    • But one day we had to go up to the attic for something and we found these hoops, mallets, timber balls and a peg.
    • The twelve-year-old called after them, as Craig waved at them with the croquet mallet.
    • We have lengths from 31-36 ’, and can order longer or shorter mallets as needed.
    • Players wear jerseys - actually, colored T-shirts - and use mallets to knock a ball into a goal.
    • The back of the bat should never be touched with the mallet.
    • A polo mallet that is too heavy can eventually lead to muscle fatigue, wrist strain or even an injury.
    • Do they beat it with a large polo mallet?
    • There is no evidence of this being true at all - the only things that the games have in common are mallets and balls.
    • Alfred picks up the discarded croquet mallets and follows them.
    • Some spectators wear Harris tweed and others carry polo mallets as accessories.
    • He does like a polo mallet, he hits it and it goes flying over the table, and I'm saying, ‘Good shot.’
    • He's one of the greatest sportsmen that ever picked up a mallet or a cricket bat.
    • Lightweight recreational mallets are not up to the task of this gruelling version of the game.
    • My brother and I took a radio out onto the lawn and there smashed it into a thousand pieces with croquet mallets.
    • One of the first lessons anyone gets is how to take hold of and swing a mallet.
    • Sorry to disappoint you, but I never got to see Fergie's polo mallets.
    • If you can pedal and swing a mallet, you can play bike polo.
    • All mallets shown below have similar options for the head styles, the differences are in the shaft types.