Translation of malpractice in Spanish:


negligencia, n.

Pronunciation /mælˈpræktəs//malˈpraktɪs/


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    negligencia feminine
    mala práctica feminine
    (en el ejercicio de la profesión) conducta incorrecta feminine
    before noun malpractice suit proceso por negligencia profesional masculine
    • He lied about medical malpractice to cover up the abuses of the insurance industry.
    • The rumours have also caused media headlines and accusations of malpractice and illegality aimed at the farming community.
    • Medical malpractice and other blunders are rewarded with huge settlements often in the Millions.
    • Compensation is granted regardless of medical responsibility or malpractice.
    • John Lemon has an excellent post about medical malpractice and frivolous lawsuits.
    • Is it a deterrent to malpractice but also a deterrent to practice as well?
    • At the firm, he specializes in medical malpractice and other complex litigation.
    • All we have to do is take malpractice out of the hands of private, for-profit attorneys.
    • But uncovering incompetence, malpractice and abuse of power is another matter.
    • Conduct by a physician that does not meet the standard of care is said to be malpractice.
    • The committee's longest running cases have concerned suspected research malpractice.
    • A broad definition would encompass all disclosures of malpractice, as well as illegal acts or omissions.
    • It required cases to be filed in the county where the alleged malpractice occurred.
    • Both revealed systematic malpractice, and led to the imprisonment of several senior detectives.
    • Have we reached a point where journalism can be indicted for media malpractice?
    • Firstly it said that they engaged in medical malpractice, in other words they'd been sued.
    • Victims of legitimate malpractice are entitled to their access to the courts.
    • Two people were arrested in Greater Manchester over alleged fraud and malpractice, but neither has yet been charged.
    • Millions are won by parents whose children die as a result of medical malpractice, and to people injured at work.
    • A descendent of a famous eunuch of the Ching Dynasty is suing a Taipei hospital for medical malpractice.