Translation of malt in Spanish:


malta, n.

Pronunciation /mɒlt//mɔlt//mɔːlt/


  • 1

    malta feminine
    before noun malt extract extracto de malta masculine
    • malt vinegar vinagre de malta
    • So your best bets are brown rice syrup and barley malt, which are higher in nutrient content and are metabolized more slowly than white sugar.
    • In 1366 he was exporting large quantities of grain, barley, malt, and ale, and in 1382 a large number of woolfells.
    • I have even consulted for a number of breweries in Scotland when they were having difficulties with the malts.
    • Most barley is used in animal feed or for the production of barley malt for making beer.
    • According to German law, beer can only be brewed using barley, malt, hops, yeast and water - no nasty chemicals are allowed.
    • Ale was usually brewed in the lord's household, utilising barley malt, though malted wheat or even oats are recorded.
    • Ice cream, followed by wholesome milk, malt, syrup and beaters, was lowered into a tall beaker.
    • It's brewed using five different specialty malts and two hop varieties to produce this distinctive continental styled brew.
    • If you're feeling adventurous, go for a rauchbier, a German-style beer made with malts dried over beechwood fire.
    • The malt's bouquet slowly presents a range of dry, tantalizing aromas, including nuts, honey and grain.
    • We couldn't get real ale here, so we had to make it from British malts and hops.
    • It is already producing two beers, each made using a secret recipe of malts, yeast and hops, giving them a unique flavour and aroma.
    • English Halcyon malts are used together with lager malts.
    • This malt exhibits the distinct ‘grassiness’ often associated with European Pilsner malts.
    • Lagers generally have purer malt and hop characteristics.
    • Dodson's beers are produced from a blend of malts, good water and New Zealand-grown hops from Motueka near Nelson.
    • Similar in taste to molasses, barley malt may be cut with other sweeteners to lighten its intense flavor.
    • It is named after a popular local coastal area and made up with genuine ale yeast and malts to help bring out the ‘old style’ ale flavours.
    • In these pages we share with you the fruits of our labors and the grapes and malts we paired them with.
    • Head brewer Don Bracher used a special blend of malts and hops to create the 4.5 per cent ABV brew.
  • 2also malt whisky

    whisky de malta masculine
    single malt whisky whisky de malta sin mezclar masculine
  • 3

    batido de leche malteada masculine