Translation of mammoth in Spanish:


mamut, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmaməθ//ˈmæməθ/


  • 1

    mamut masculine


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    (cost/building/project) gigantesco
    (cost/building/project) enorme
    (cost/project/building) colosal
    (task) de titanes
    mammoth reductions gigantescas rebajas
    • Constructions meant to withstand mammoth assault crumble without protest.
    • The sudden reappearance of his father, coupled with his mother's mammoth success, proves to be too much.
    • It was a mammoth task, especially considering he discovered the place only by accident.
    • Livingstone acknowledges it will be a mammoth task to fill every nook and cranny of the national stadium.
    • Like any mammoth task, it can be difficult to get started.
    • This is a mammoth task by any criteria, and the more hands there are the lighter the work load for each individual.
    • Otherwise Zambia needs a pat on the back for embarking on this mammoth task of fighting corruption.
    • Leonard designed the block, which has giant bore spacings and mammoth cylinder heads.
    • Mr Johnson does not mince his words when it comes to emphasising the dangers associated with this mammoth project.
    • He explains at one point that he could not possibly document all of the information in this mammoth book.
    • When two or more people are living under the same roof these somewhat trivial things can quickly turn into issues of mammoth importance.
    • For this one mammoth presentation alone, the set is worth the price of digital admission.
    • A scandal of mammoth proportions has hit the media industry, but no-one seems to be giving it a second thought.
    • The turbulence this mammoth decline will create will throw every aspect of our lives through whirling vortexes.
    • But here I have the ability to take a step back and see the green leaves as mammoth trees.
    • As long as it's not a multicolored, mammoth hat with a humongous pom-pom attached to it.
    • Then all that remains is the mammoth task of delivering all the presents on time.
    • Instead, the need for mammoth funds to mount election campaigns allowed big business to keep buying influence.
    • It has been a mammoth task because in places they have grown to more than 13 feet.
    • They are able to quickly pull relevant information from this mammoth database.