There are 2 main translations of man in Spanish

: Man1man2


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There are 2 main translations of man in Spanish

: Man1man2


hombre, n.

Pronunciation /man//mæn/

nounPlural men

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    • 1.1(adult male)

      hombre masculine
      four men and five women cuatro hombres y cinco mujeres
      • say thank you to the nice man dale las gracias a ese señor tan amable
      • I pronounce you man and wife los declaro marido y mujer
      • her new man su nueva pareja (or su nuevo compañero etc.)
      • a young man un joven
      • her young man su novio
      • I don't feel half the man I used to ya no soy lo que era
      • take it like a man! ¡aguanta como un hombre!
      • we'll make a man of you haremos de ti un hombre
      • if you've got the patience to deal with him, you're a better man than I am si no pierdes la paciencia con él, te admiro
      • in the West, where men were men en el Oeste, donde los hombres eran hombres de verdad
      • he's an influential man es una persona / un hombre influyente
      • you're a lucky man tú sí que tienes suerte
      • he's a sick man está muy enfermo
      • I feel a new man me siento como nuevo
      • don't listen to him: the man's a fool no le hagas caso: es un estúpido
      • he's the man to ask es a él a quien hay que preguntar(le)
      • the police think he's their man la policía cree que es la persona que andan buscando
      • here's the man who can tell you aquí está la persona que te lo puede decir
      • it's a man's world! ¡el mundo es de los hombres!
      • a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do un hombre tiene que cumplir con su deber
      • are you a man or a mouse? ¿eres hombre o gallina?
      • to be low man on the totem pole ser el último orejón del tarro
      • The tower was originally a summer banqueting house and allowed aristocratic ladies to watch their men hunting.
      • One man needed treatment at Southampton General Hospital for the effects of smoke inhalation.
      • The man, whose name has not been released, was discharged after treatment in hospital.
      • Bounty hunters can use almost any tool at their disposal to find and capture their man.
      • A year ago, my man of 14 years cheated on me for the first time.
      • He's more of a man than you'll ever be.
      • She was approached by men armed with knives, who demanded her earrings and necklace.
      • It brought out the woman in me and the man in my man.
      • My dad was a decently attractive man in his mid-thirties.
      • According to friends, the actress is completely smitten with her new man.
      • We plan to organise women's hockey on similar lines to that of men's hockey.
      • This was a very upbeat speech by a man who is clearly in control of the party
      • It should be the sort of manly thing I get my man to do, but he leaves computers to me.
      • An Estonian man suspected of plundering millions from hundreds of online bank accounts accounts across Europe was arrested last week.
      • One of his ancestors, a man by the name of Child, lived in a village on the Welsh coast near Fishguard.
      • I've been with my man for about seven years but when we got married, I began to love him more.
      • The man behind the counter looked, if not friendly, at least approachable.
      • Hugh Miller is convinced that Loring is his man, but he can't find any concrete evidence.
      • Last week I was talking to a man at the bar of the Hilton hotel at Addis Ababa.
      • Ben is also a kind and decent man who is held in high regard by all those who have worked with him.
      • Maybe, none of the earlier relationships had worked out because Rohan was destined to be her man.
      • My cousin Katie and her new man Andrew picked me up at the airport late Wednesday night.
      • During the operation police also arrested an 18 year-old man on suspicion of possessing a firearm.
      • The most likely victims are men in their 20s.
      • I don't have a problem with women hitting on my man… why wouldn't they?
      • I knew that I had to be a man and help my brother.
      • I'm not into cars and I know that in some circles that makes me less of a man, but so be it.
      • Their driver was a burly, bearded man in his forties.
      • A wide grin spread across the man's face.
      • Back on the promenade, I saw a man and a boy trying to fly a kite down on the beach.
      • I realize you are a very busy man and probably have a lot of things on your mind right now.
      • But Don's the quintessential quiet guy who must overcome his cowardice and be a man.
      • Four men were arrested in connection with the attack and a separate robbery.
      • The British team finished fourth in both the men's and women's team championships.
      • As soon as we established that Elener was a former Securicor employee, we were fairly sure he was our man.
      • As Marian and Lewes continued to live together as man and wife, people generally began to accept them as a married couple.
      • Ironically, her initial portrayal in the show, as more of a man than the men in her Cabinet, may have added to her myth.
      • She saw the dark figure of a man through the fog and then his face became clear.

    • 1.2(type)

      he's not a man for the quiet life no es de las personas a las que les gusta la vida tranquila
      • he's the right/wrong man for the job es/no es la persona indicada para el puesto
      • he's a Harvard man estudió en Harvard
      • I was a Nixon man in '68 era partidario de Nixon en 1968
      • he's a local/Boston man es del lugar/de Boston
      • he's a family man es un padre de familia
      • I'm a vodka man myself yo personalmente prefiero el vodka
      • he's the best transplant man in the business es el mejor especialista en trasplantes
      • We waited for the ice cream man and wore shorts and let the grass tickle our bare feet.
      • If I were a betting man I'd certainly have a flutter on a new PM by the end of July.
      • My mum was the picket in my family, not my dad, although he was a very strong union man.
      • If Donald was a Labour man, he was also a Glaswegian through and through.
      • I'm a professional philosopher, not a medical man.
      • Having been trained at Harvard both as a medical man and an anthropologist, you'd think his take on scientific issues of our day would be worth noting.
      • Jack was a drinking man and mornings were not his best time.
      • The bravery of a Manchester man who fought in the American Civil War is to be recorded in a museum in the US.
      • My father was a trade union man who always had his rosary in his pocket.
      • Advocate and author John Mayer looks every inch the rock solid establishment man.
      • A battle for power between a union man and an intellectual is looming at Salford town hall.
      • Louis Stanley is a Cambridge man who went on to become a leading industrialist.

  • 2

    • 2.1(person)

      persona feminine
      a twelve-man crew una tripulación de doce personas / hombres
      • man for man, our team was better than theirs individualmente, nuestros jugadores eran mejores que los suyos
      • no man has the right to take life nadie / ningún ser humano tiene derecho a matar
      • it was as much as any man could bear lindaba con lo humanamente insoportable

    • 2.2also Man(mankind)

      el hombre
      man shall not live by bread alone no solo de pan vive el hombre
      • Neanderthal Man el hombre de Neandertal
      • man proposes, God disposes el hombre propone y Dios dispone
      • This is the town which surprised the world with an archeological find in 1921 that came to be known as the Broken Hill Man.
      • Genesis in fact hints that there was evil present in the world before the fall of man.
      • These drawings, which include etchings of what are thought to be reindeer and bison, give an insight into why early man created such works of art.
      • Wood is the oldest building material known to man - the earliest known wooden artefacts date back some 14,000 years.
      • Luckily some of these art forms have survived the ravages of man, beast, and time and can still be seen and admired.
      • Perhaps it may be said that civilization is about to enter the age of the decline of man.
      • She was instrumental in raising people's awareness of man's impact on the environment.
      • Some historians claim this is the most graphic example of man's inhumanity to man.
      • None the less, equality in the eyes of God laid the foundations for equality in the eyes of man and before the law.

  • 3

    • 3.1(representative, employee)

      our man in Cairo nuestro representante (or corresponsal / agente etc.) en el Cairo
      • he's the PR man for Acme UK es el encargado de relaciones públicas en Acme UK
      • Dubois plays a crooked real estate man Dubois hace el papel de un agente inmobiliario deshonesto
      • Coach Martin Hall is still expecting his men to figure prominently in the forthcoming play-offs.
      • I'll leave it to our man in Washington to comment on the domestic issues involved in the presidential campaign.
      • If they receive two yellow cards a player will be withdrawn from the game, restricting the team to 10 men.
      • A man short, his team mates survived to the end of extra time but lost the penalty shootout.
      • But gone are the days when Shankly's men would blast teams away and dominate our domestic game.
      • When the ambulance men arrived, her husband was kneeling beside the baby on the bedroom floor.
      • Shackleton did everything that he could to keep the men's spirits up as the Endurance gradually sank.
      • Lippi's men were the best team in the competition, and he was the canniest coach.
      • With only ten men Pool conceded two goals in the first-half but still created chances.
      • Britain's largest coal operator has already shut the Prince of Wales Colliery at Pontefract, making hundreds of men redundant.

    • 3.2dated (manservant)

      criado masculine

  • 4men plural

    (troops, team, employees)
    officers and men los oficiales y los soldados / la tropa
    • the captain and his men el capitán y su equipo
    • the men won't accept less than 5% los trabajadores no aceptarán menos de un 5%
    • Orders were made as suggestions and officers and men were on first-name terms.
    • The role of the reserve battalions was to supply troops to the service battalions as they lost men in combat.
    • To start with, each commando unit was to consist of fifty men and three officers.
    • My dad was in the air force, and he spoke about the inequalities he saw between the officers and ordinary men.
    • Many fellow soldiers owed their lives to the bravery of the men in the 3rd Division.
    • As they approached one village a mortar landed nearby in the river and Major Lindsay ordered his men to seek cover.
    • Protocol required Cook to seek leave of the Viceroy for his officers and men to come ashore.
    • Sergeant Lang got onboard with his men as Officer Humphrey followed closely with Jennifer.
    • No commander wants to see his men die in combat but knows that casualties are a part of war.
    • The smallest entity commanded by a commissioned officer is usually a platoon of about 30 men.
    • He was one of the most respected generals because of his care for the men and his record as a fighter.
    • Officers and men from units which had been forced to abandon their positions were shot for desertion.
  • 5

    (in chess) pieza feminine
    (in draughts) ficha feminine
    • Mr Kravchuk, who prides himself on his chess-playing prowess, did not give up his man easily.
  • 6informal

    give me a break, man! ¡déjame en paz, tío! Spain informal

transitive verbmanning, manned

  • 1

    • 1.1(operate)

      (switchboard/assembly line) encargarse de
      (assembly line/switchboard) ocuparse de
      the inquiry desk is manned at all times el mostrador de informaciones está atendido a toda hora
      • Tens of thousands of troops and police are manning checkpoints and roadblocks.
      • Not only was this the first manned flight to and from the Moon, Apollo 8 served to validate many of the technical procedures necessary to support upcoming lunar missions.
      • The ship is manned by a staff of 700 who come from 25 countries.
      • Trained volunteers will be manning the call centre to offer independent and confidential information and support to people experiencing difficulties.
      • The employees manning these centres are trained to remain unobtrusive and encourage the visitors to potter about, handling the products on display.
      • They moved from the safety of their dugouts and manned their machine guns to face the British and French.
      • A number of people have visited officers manning roadblocks on the road asking where they can leave flowers and tributes.
      • A 24-hour call centre operates, permanently manned by experienced personnel from all three Services.
      • Now, though, the branch is fully manned and new staff are getting up to speed.
      • The helpline is manned by volunteers in centres all around the country.
      • One member of the team, an Air Force combat controller, was attacked while manning a security post.
      • It is believed passengers have been queueing up to two hours in Terminal 1 because only one of five X-ray machines was manned due to staffing problems.
      • Schultz parked the Packard in someone's driveway and they both walked up to the policeman manning the barricade.
      • The centre is manned by fully trained technical personnel and all calls are recorded and logged to track and maintain a high service level.
      • There are checkpoints manned by police or soldiers at every junction.
      • Militiamen are manning road and rooftop positions and main intersections leading into the area.
      • I've been keen to get more involved as the place is manned by enthusiastic volunteers who supply locals with tasty, healthy food at low prices.
      • For the early manned missions to be seen as successful, the surface crew will need to explore large areas of Mars, ranging far from their base.
      • The committee who are stretched to the limit manning the centre, are very thankful to the local District Hospital who cook and prepare the hot meals for them.
      • The Hospice charity shops dotted around the borough are manned, for the most part, by unpaid volunteers.

    • 1.2(get ready to operate)

      man the cannons! ¡a los cañones!
      • man the battlements! ¡cubran las almenas!

  • 2

    • 2.1(be crew of)

      the yacht was manned by Canadians el yate estaba tripulado por canadienses

    • 2.2(provide crew for)

      (ship) tripular
      (fortress) guarnecer