Translation of man-made in Spanish:


artificial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈˌmæn ˈˌmeɪd//manˈmeɪd/


  • 1

    (lake) artificial
    (material) sintético
    man-made fibers fibras sintéticas feminine
    • a man-made disaster un desastre provocado por el hombre
    • One of the greatest man-made lakes in Europe is Keilder Water, high in the remote hills of Northumberland.
    • Though it appears to be a natural calamity, to a great extent drought is a man-made calamity.
    • Before March 15 this rule applied to almost all man-made and natural obstructions.
    • Once they were at the park, they walked to a bench that was facing a man-made pond.
    • So the main causes of the famine in this case are not natural but man-made.
    • This balloon was of man-made fibers and was filled with air heated by a propane flame.
    • Poverty is man-made; it results from the greed and arrogance of power, poor governance and ill-conceived policies.
    • As demand increased, other natural or man-made reservoirs were developed.
    • Try to avoid polyester and other man-made fabrics, as they do not allow your skin to breathe.
    • Just as it seemed the worst of this natural disaster had passed, a man-made disaster erupted.
    • Having a penchant for natural fabrics and dyes, he uses man-made fibers and chemical dyes as well.
    • Some experts believe man-made global warming could trigger methane on the seabed to escape into the air again.
    • These natural joints are stronger than man-made ones and save the carpenter a lot of time creating joints.
    • The surrounding area has a man-made lake, surrounded by huge boathouses and houses.
    • It was a hard life in those days, one emphasized by natural or man-made disasters.
    • Ozone can also be destroyed in other ways by man-made chemicals that have been released into the atmosphere.
    • People, old and young, queued up in the blazing sun, pails in hand, for man-made ice.
    • The plaintiff owned a house next to a man-made lake on which the defendant conducted motor-boat races.
    • The water park covers 40 square miles south of Cirencester and has 140 man-made lakes.
    • It's not really an island, nor has this man-made lake ever been a quarry.