Translation of man-of-war in Spanish:


buque de guerra, n.

Pronunciation /ˈˌmæn ə(v) ˈwɔ(ə)r///

nounPlural men-of-war

  • 1

    buque de guerra masculine
    • The stronger and longer the wind blows onshore, the more likely men-of-war will be around.
    • One meets interesting people at government houses, at messes, clubs, and on board men-of-war, and learns about colonial problems, while avoiding snow, blizzards, and influenza.
    • Modern designers might well pine for a vessel with the nearly unlimited range, comparatively low construction cost, and ease of repair and resupply offered by the sailing man-of-war.
    • Jones, a man known for his attention to detail in shipbuilding praised the craftsmanship of the Portsmouth workers when they built the man-of-war, America, in 1782.
    • As we got into position, the guns of men-o'-war in the mouth of the Strait were doing damage, and already the village was burning.