Translation of manageable in Spanish:


razonable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmænɪdʒəb(ə)l//ˈmanɪdʒəb(ə)l/


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    (possible to handle, control)
    (size/amount) razonable
    (child/animal) dócil
    (hair) dócil
    (hair) manejable
    (vehicle/boat) fácil de maniobrar
    (boat/vehicle) manejable
    this sailboat is manageable by a child of 9 hasta un niño de 9 años puede manejar este velero
    • This keeps your work to a manageable size and eliminates the need for expert tools and skills.
    • But the true costs of holding the tournament are more manageable than is commonly feared.
    • They feel it reduces air pollution, saves trees and makes traffic more manageable.
    • By then the mortgage on the house she owns in Whitby will not be paid off but will be reduced to a manageable size.
    • A seven point gap had suddenly been opened and another seven seemed very manageable.
    • You might sit there for 54 weeks watching what was a manageable problem getting really out of hand.
    • The attendance at Gleneagles will be limited to a more manageable number.
    • And as of today I have had my hair shorn down to a more manageable length again.
    • Thankfully, pre-exam jitters are manageable by taking a few practical steps.
    • He's doing awfully well with it, and settling down to a manageable pace.
    • The great thing about this scheme is that it breaks the total sum down into manageable chunks.
    • In order to keep things manageable, I decided to choose just two from each continent.
    • It says consumers should keep a very close eye on their finances to make sure the amount they borrow remains manageable.
    • This is the kind of house to suit a person with a pony or a keen interest in gardening and the land is quite manageable.
    • Implementing a sensible and manageable policy would be a good first step.
    • It seems a manageable challenge as long as I only look at one small element at a time.
    • The overall length of the quill can now be cut down to a manageable size.
    • Being able to discuss your fears with another adult may make them seem more manageable.
    • While each issue and error in itself would have been manageable, the combination of so many caused the failure.
    • For larger bombs the group cuts it into manageable sections so it can be removed and dealt with.
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    (task/goal) posible de alcanzar
    the deadlines are perfectly manageable es perfectamente posible cumplir con los plazos fijados