Translation of manager in Spanish:


director, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmænɪdʒər//ˈmanɪdʒə/



  • 1

    (of company, department) director masculine
    (of company, department) directora feminine
    (of company, department) gerente masculine
    (of store, restaurant) gerente masculine
    (of store, restaurant) encargado masculine
    (of store, restaurant) encargada feminine
    (of estate, fund) administrador masculine
    (of estate, fund) administradora feminine
    (of pop group, boxer) manager feminine
    Sport entrenador masculine
    Sport entrenadora feminine
    (in soccer) entrenador masculine
    (in soccer) entrenadora feminine
    (in soccer) director técnico masculine Latin America
    (in soccer) directora técnica feminine Latin America
    export/production/publicity manager directora de exportaciones/producción/publicidad feminine
    • branch manager director de sucursal
    • the campaign manager el director de la campaña
    • she's a good manager es buena administradora
    • A number are involved with music as musicians, managers, writers, and record store workers.
    • Almost half felt managers did not involve staff in important decisions.
    • In some cases, the law has made IT managers legally responsible for adherence to corporate governance rules.
    • The organisers are appealing to all parents and team managers to attend.
    • It called for pub and bar managers to act more responsibly but stopped short of recommending a ban on live World Cup games being screened in the town.
    • Does your sales manager train your staff to engage with prospective members?
    • Department managers will be responsible for introducing and managing changes associated with the renovations.
    • Worried staff managers had to call for police to maintain order.
    • Stagecoach had prepared an emergency timetable and was going to use managers and non-driving staff with public service licences.
    • Bar staff, doormen and managers could be held criminally liable whereas previously it was only the responsibility of the licence holder.
    • The same message goes out from sports team managers, some of whom are developing very bad sideline manners of late.
    • Oddly enough, the same gesture is also used to denote bank managers, estate agents, lawyers, and football team managers.
    • The only solution here is for team managers to take strong action against any of their players who indulge in this type of actions.
    • Anyway, congratulations to the team and the manager and we all hope to see the black and white back in Croke Park next year.
    • While some managers of vanquished teams have given their players a break, Gray has sentenced his men to hard labour and they will not have a day off until Friday.
    • Being a manager in business is just like being a manager of a football team.
    • But there came a stage when both the musician and his tour manager had to be told no more alcohol would be served to them.
    • Although he hadn't reached the finish line, the team managers got a good impression of him and appreciated his technical maturity.
    • All team managers and mentors for the coming year should attend.
    • The results were circulated to staff by managers last week, and passed to the Sunday Herald on request.
    • As a loyal employee, the manager is responsible for keeping salaries at a reasonable level.
    • We need to move into an era where Zambian musicians have managers, like in the past.
    • It is also true that there will be fewer managers and more staff working directly with children and young people.
    • Players must contact their respective team managers as soon as possible with their nomination for player of the year.
    • All team managers as well as club officers will be in attendance.
    • Many staff were contacted by managers over the weekend to undergo the tests.
    • As a result of allegations, the manager responsible for these staff requested a suspension hearing.
    • Rewarding staff is also a key part of the sales manager's responsibilities.
    • The software can cut down on the time it takes managers to schedule their staff.
    • A lot of team managers would serve their teams much better if they engaged with their players and explained the rules to them.
    • Tom and Joby Costello were installed as the new managers of the team.
    • This means mailing out your scores and CDs to competitions, conductors, managers and performers.
    • The team will go outside the organization for a new manager and coaching staff.
    • The team managers were Holy Atchison and Ashley Paterson.
    • Already I detect a reduction in the number of training sessions being organised by team managers in general at present.
    • The entire game was played in a fine sporting manner which reflected glowingly on both sets of team managers.
    • The survey also found sales managers and directors were to blame for recruiting staff who would not be suited to their job.
    • These courses are tailored for all levels of bar workers from door staff to managers.
    • It has rigorous objectives and targets and will be monitored by directors, managers or teams.
    • The following team managers were appointed for the coming year to take charge of the various teams at underage level.
    • As managers or staff employees, our failure to do so reflects a poor professional ethic.
    • Regular meetings are held between managers and supervisory staff to look at ways in which the centre can be improved.
    • You can show your support for the manager, team or a particular player by sponsoring their shirt next season.
    • Morale and motivation among staff and managers dips and passenger abuse increases.