Translation of manageress in Spanish:


encargada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmanɪdʒərəs//ˈmænɪdʒ(ə)rəs//ˌmanɪdʒəˈrɛs/



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    encargada feminine
    • At this point the manageress, Becky Evans, who was previously general manager at Caffé Uno in York, came over and asked if everything was okay.
    • June was a retail manageress and Ian has now retired after running a garage business with his brother, Colin.
    • I work as the manageress of Enzo's on Renfield Street.
    • A fish restaurant manageress falsely accused her employer of tax fraud when she was caught with her hand in the till, York Crown Court heard.
    • Jack reappeared moments later, the manageress still talking incessantly to him.
    • Julie Harvey, the manageress of the Model Newsagent, celebrated her birthday last Saturday by heading out to the Sheepbridge with all her mates.
    • Lisa Rhodes, manageress of Clintons card shop in Sheffield's Fargate, is ready for St George's Day.
    • The manageress hurried over with a glass of water.
    • After about an hour, the manageress came out of her office and asked them to disperse.
    • The Administration dealt with all queries and emergencies which arose in the teashops and for which manageresses needed help.
    • When the canteen manageress at Farnworth's busy Age Concern Centre was hospitalised the staff came to the rescue.
    • A manageress of a neighbouring store predicted chaos on the last weekend before Christmas.
    • The manageress of the restaurant, Catherine Bullman, said the man was in a group of five having tea and coffee.
    • The manageress and all the staff were brilliant and we really feel sorry for them.
    • Mum, being divorced, was the only breadwinner in the home and worked as the manageress of the local tea-room.
    • The assailant first rifled the till but there was nothing in it, so he took the collecting box and the manageress's handbag.
    • The business was a fashion shop and she was the manageress.
    • Incidentally I've tipped off the Head Offices of such shops telling them their manageresses are no good, but nothing gets done.
    • Some might find the Moorish interior faded but the manageress, Maria, is charm personified.
    • The shop and its manageress have been a focal point of the community.