Translation of manbag in Spanish:


mariconera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmænbæɡ//ˈmanbaɡ/



  • 1

    mariconera feminine informal humorous
    • It's bad enough I will soon need a man-bag to carry all my gadgets.
    • Hey, it even sports a manly name, since calling it a man-bag just doesn't sound right.
    • So what is it that new age men are suddenly feeling compelled to carry around inside their manbag?
    • I still see paper organizers, purses, man bags, clipboards, books, even full-size laptops.
    • It's not a purse and it's not a briefcase; it's a manbag.
    • Rupert reaches into his man bag and pulls out a baby's bottle.
    • Admittedly my man-bag has met with some disdain, but its usefulness outweighs that particular problem, and chances are the detractors would get one themselves if they could.
    • Seen This Century is also a smaller book, so more suited to putting in your handbag / manbag and carting around galleries (or Art Fairs).
    • I've been wanting a man-bag for a while, now.
    • Our table looked like a murder scene, and my man bag was ruined - proof, if ever it was needed, that pan pipes CDs should come with a health warning.
    • I don't carry a manbag because I don't see the need for one.
    • What does the Privy Purse look like - a manbag or something?