Translation of mandate in Spanish:


mandato, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmandeɪt//ˈmænˌdeɪt/


  • 1

    mandato masculine
    • He lacks the freedom that a directly elected mayor gains from their direct relationship with the electorate and their clear mandate.
    • Newly elected ministers invariably choose to regard an election victory as conferring a mandate on their policies.
    • He has made clear that he is seeking a personal and a political mandate in this election.
    • If the present government cannot maintain the integrity of the country then it should dissolve itself and call an election so that mandates are clear.
    • No president for more than a century has assumed office with less of a popular mandate for his policies.
    • Despite their mandate to serve their electorate, our representatives at the Commons are notoriously difficult to get hold of.
    • What's more, he will claim a mandate for every single policy he comes up with, even if they didn't appear in the election campaign.
    • It simply provides that someone who changes his or her status in that kind of way needs to go and get a fresh mandate from the electorate.
    • Neither side of the policy divide believes that it can win a popular mandate for its policies and fight things out in an open and honest form.
    • The ones who win and form the next government would thus have the mandate to pursue their policies and programmes.
    • The public has grumbled to a point where it has lost faith in the Authority because of its failure to carry out its mandate.
    • Some even felt that in such a situation, the only honourable course would be for the government to call an election to re-establish a mandate for a change in course.
    • Perhaps politicians should seek a new mandate from the electorate if they are unable to fulfil their promises.
    • We will therefore go back to the electorate to renew our mandate with confidence.
    • The rebels haven't even got a mandate through an election.
    • In a general sense, therefore, action has not been linked to any policy mandate from the public.
    • The temptation must be enormous to ask the electorate for a fresh mandate, now that the latest opinion polls show he has enough support to be returned to power.
    • Hopkins said the election was a mandate from the voters.
    • That's the kind of mandate election authorities need to do their job.
    • He might take it as a national mandate to pursue the policy of truculent unilateralism.
  • 2

    mandato masculine
    under UN mandate bajo mandato de la ONU
    • the British mandate in Palestine el protectorado / mandato británico de Palestina
    • He showed his value pretty quickly, pointing out that banks must have a legal mandate to debit someone's account.
    • For the next 25 years, Syria was governed by French colonial administrators under a mandate from the League of Nations.
    • A forged cheque is not a valid mandate, and the bank cannot debit the customer's account.
    • If that were right one would expect to see wives being independently advised before signing a typical mandate for a joint account.
    • After the war the League of Nations gave Britain, Australia, and New Zealand a trustee mandate over the territory.
    • When you fill in the application form for a joint account it will include a mandate giving you both the authority to access the account and the money in it.
    • Another category of dependent imperial territory was formed by League of Nations mandates.
    • After the war, Japan continued to rule the islands under a mandate from the League of Nations.
    • If you have a friend or relative you completely trust, ask your bank to provide them with a third-party mandate.
    • Britain extracted a mandate to run it from the League of Nations, forerunner of the United Nations.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (instruct) dar instrucciones a
    (authorize) autorizar
    the delegates were mandated to ... los delegados recibieron instrucciones / recibieron el mandato de ...
  • 2US

    (make compulsory)
    (payment/attendance/procedure) exigir
  • 3

    Palestine was mandated to the British in 1922 en 1922 se concedió el mandato de Palestina a Gran Bretaña
    • mandated territory territorio bajo mandato