Translation of mangy in Spanish:


sarnoso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmeɪndʒi//ˈmeɪn(d)ʒi/

adjectivemangier, mangiest

  • 1

    (cat/dog) sarnoso
    • In the dinner line, a mangy, bearded white man accepts his daily portion of slop.
    • Kids are cautioned not to touch a mangy dog for fear that the mange will ooze from the hapless pooch to the child and cause his skin to rot and his hair to fall out.
    • The park beside Santa Sabina is empty except for a few mangy, watchful cats and an old man who is playing simple scales on the flute - trilling up the scale, trilling down.
    • Instead, he's a mangy mutt with his tail between his legs.
    • Stop in on any of the parishes around the island and you're bound to see women standing in doorways and windows conversing with their neighbours and children playing barefoot in the streets with slightly mangy dogs.
    • There's a man sleeping next to a mangy dog in an adjacent doorway.
    • Many dogs are mangy, sickly or hungry, and often roam in packs.
    • They completed depictions of a mangy but loveable dog, a fire-breathing dragon, a proud lion and a menacing silverback gorilla defending his territory.
    • Several of these places were hygienically challenged, with mangy dogs scurrying about, leaking sewage pipes and nowhere to bathe.
    • They cannot all survive, so many will starve and become mangy and diseased.
    • Because of their debilitated condition, mangy wolves may also be more likely to attack easy prey such as domestic sheep.
    • You look at his feet: he isn't wearing scuffed, oil-stained boots or even stilettos, and there's no sign of a mangy mutt snoozing nearby.
    • Small flocks of mangy goats and sheep, shepherded by women in flowing black abayas, forage in the trash.
    • A goat and a couple of mangy dogs sniffed around them, their senses quickened by the smells from the next door kitchen.
    • I decided maybe it was time to leave the mangy koala runt behind and try something fresh.
    • I bet she can both hear and smell those mangy animals from her front porch.
    • Some rats are clean, sleek and very friendly, but Scram smells bad, is dirty, mangey, skinny and neurotic.
    • A mangy cat showed up looking hopeful, out there in the cold.
    • Sometimes there will be squealing siblings by their side and at other times, you'll see a mangy dog warily watching on.
    • Deep-down you have this sneaking feeling that there is every chance you are going to be sold a pup, quite possibly even a mangy dog.
  • 2informal

    • Underneath the mangy, beige carpet, the floorboards were rotten.
    • He wore a colorless, primeval terry-cloth bathrobe that had been picked and shredded to a mangy condition.
    • The turkeys themselves are mangy critters - snowy feathers dirty from sitting on mud, bald heads vulture-like.
    • She wants him to stop looking like such a mangy scruffbag.
    • There should be straggly broad bean plants, and lines of mangy lettuces.
    • Perhaps fooled by our mangy appearance, he insisted that we order something, his treat.
    • He threw his coat onto the mangy couch and turned on the TV.
    • The patchy raggedness of the moult gave him a somewhat mangy appearance, but by the end of June he was smooth and as lean as a hungry wolf in his summer coat.