Translation of manic in Spanish:


maniaco, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmanɪk//ˈmænɪk/


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    (symptom/behavior) maniaco
    (symptom/behavior) maníaco
    (activity/insistence) frenético
    • This is the perfect place to relax as it's busy but never too manic.
    • It remains an overpowering moment, delivered with the manic energy of a preacher.
    • One manic Monday, while I was busy working for the weekend, I overheard him.
    • To generate combative, manic energy, they frame the entire world in dualistic terms of light and darkness.
    • She just looked at him with a manic grin on her face.
    • A manic episode is not a disorder in and of itself, but rather is a part of a type of bipolar disorder.
    • There is an almost manic enthusiasm for reform amongst some, countered by stubborn resistance to change on the part of others.
    • The manic energy he puts into the story is reflected and magnified in the attitude, motion and beauty of his cast.
    • He also brought to the job an almost manic energy, fuelled by a huge appetite for food and drink.
    • Lithium helps stabilise these to some extent and prevents the chaotic cycling between the manic and depressive phases of the illness.
    • The songs are frequently manic and frenzied but just before you burn out they slow down and become melodious.
    • ‘I will tell you nothing, absolutely nothing,’ screeched Fergus, with a manic grin on his face.
    • Landis is bubbly, effervescent, and clearly chock full of manic energy.
    • He was an up-and-coming comic then, a strange androgynous mix of lunacy and manic energy.
    • A hyperactive manic patient will nearly always have a rapid heart rate, but it doesn't follow that a rapid heart rate causes the mania.
    • With manic energy and a knack for voices, Bennett's performance is outstanding.
    • He had spiky brown mullet and a slightly manic grin.
    • My sister and I arrived the night before the surgery and found my mother full of manic energy.
    • This was a thoughtful, quiet museum which nicely complemented the manic excitement of the Dracula Experience.
    • As for the Internet, and the future of publishing in a technologically transformed age, there was a certain manic intensity to the discussion.
    • She spent little time on psychiatric inpatient units working, for example, with bipolar patients in their active manic phases.
    • Tommy has such a manic excitement that he's like a rubber ball bouncing off the walls.
    • They were the precursors of bands like the Stooges with manic live shows and wild frontmen.
    • One of his companions reports that he would do cartwheels across the stage in sheer bursts of manic energy.
    • Drunk or sober, he was driven by a manic energy and impatience that made him a difficult friend and an almost impossible husband and father.
    • Indeed, many bipolar patients report that manic episodes followed a period in which they were unable to sleep or endured jet lag.
    • All of these factors conspire to create a manic and intensely enjoyable film.
    • In fact, the whole second half of the album is a lot more chilled out than the first, which can be manic and intensely un-listenable.
    • I was possessed with a manic kind of energy.
    • Donny and Trevor shouldered their way past me with manic grins on their faces.
    • Our lives have been really hectic lately, bordering on manic.
    • It exudes a kind of manic energy that few comedies even attempt.
    • He'll have a laugh with you but if you mess with him he won't think twice about letting the menace come out from behind his manic grin.