Translation of manipulate in Spanish:


manejar, v.

Pronunciation: /məˈnɪpjʊleɪt//məˈnɪpjəˌleɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • One robotic arm is used to position the endoscope to provide visualisation of the operative site, while the other two robotic arms manipulate surgical instruments under the surgeon's control.
    • In art classes, each student explores and manipulates varied tools and mediums.
    • Thus, I was able to manipulate the ropes and free myself from them.
    • The surgeon can perform intricate procedures by using joystick-like controls to manipulate the surgical instruments.
    • With it they are able to manipulate objects as well as if they had hands.
  • 2

    • By manipulating these pressure points, ancient Chinese physicians could treat the most complicated of disease.
    • During a massage, a therapist manipulates your body's soft tissues - your muscles, skin and tendons - using his or her fingertips, hands and fists.
    • While the patient's right hip was being manipulated during a physical examination, her pain abruptly disappeared, along with the tender mass.
    • Physicians use their hands to diagnose injury and illness and manipulate the musculoskeletal system to encourage the body to heal.
    • Gently manipulating parts of the body can help treat development disorders, sleeplessness, bed-wetting, allergies and asthma.
    • Manual healing treats medical problems by manipulating and realigning body parts.
    • A trainer assists him with physical therapy, manipulating his body to prepare the joints for the rigors of swinging a golf club as violently as Woods does.
    • The therapy was developed in France, but is rooted in the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture, where pressure points relating to specific parts of the body are manipulated to alleviate particular problems.
    • Practitioners claim that gently manipulating the bones of the cranium can correct the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, by restoring the skull to its natural shape.
  • 3

    (influence, control)
    • He manipulates people and events to suit his own purpose and any opposition to his will is seen as disloyalty.
    • O'Neill knows how to manipulate situations to his team's advantage too.
    • Don't allow judgmental and critical people to influence and manipulate you, as you are ready to make a final decision about the past.
    • The man was described at Manchester Crown Court as a strict father who controlled and manipulated his children and was also in total charge of his wife.
    • Machiavelli urged rulers to study human nature so that they could control politics by manipulating their subjects.
    • It might've been the reason why he could manipulate people.
    • There is a popular anti-corporate, progressive argument that sees market research and advertising as a sinister attempt to manipulate people.
    • She had manipulated me, controlled me, made me her tool, her minion, her puppet.
    • During her visits with her mother, there's a suggestion that Ingrid is still somehow controlling or manipulating her confused child.
    • I unconsciously manipulate situations to my advantage
    • It requires a seasoned politician to take advantage of a no-win situation and manipulate circumstances to drive home a point.
    • Besides, it turned out the child in question was actually happier with his father, and the whole situation was manipulated by the mother.
    • He's smart enough to be manipulating the situation to ensure that he stays in power.
    • He was gauging the class; calculating and deciding exactly how best manipulate the situation to his advantage.
    • She knows her best strength is the way she can control and manipulate men.
    • Both involved persons in authority who used half-truths and recklessly false statements to manipulate people who trusted them.
    • So his little game of semantics backfires on him, a very interesting development indeed considering how clever he can be at manipulating a situation.
    • And there are too many parties who think they can manipulate those incensed people for political advantage.
    • We should always be trying to influence and manipulate our opponents - this is critical - but there is only so much we can do about that.
    • In most cases toddlers already know how to emotionally manipulate their parents and most stop crying very soon after the parent has left.