Translation of manner in Spanish:


forma, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈmænər//ˈmanə/


  • 1

    (way, fashion)
    forma feminine
    modo masculine
    manera feminine
    he was behaving in a ridiculous manner se estaba comportando de forma / manera ridícula / de modo ridículo
    • it's just a manner of speaking es un decir
    • did you solve the problem? — in a manner of speaking ¿resolviste el problema? — en cierto modo / en cierta medida / hasta cierto punto
    • (as) to the manner born como si hubiera nacido para ello
    • So, too, negligently failing to treat a patient is as culpable as doing so in a negligent manner, and if death results a manslaughter charge could be brought.
    • A number of the works on exhibit are drawings or collages done on paper in bright colored inks or pastels, which are framed in the conventional manner.
    • The murder shocked the entire country because of the nature of the victim and the manner of his death.
    • It would seem that not enough time has passed for the history of the very recent past to be told in a conventional manner.
    • They brighten the streets and fasten the scenery together in the unobtrusive manner of true cultural icons.
    • When the police lodged a case against him recently, he and his supplicants reacted in the customary manner.
    • He believes, as should we all, that what is important is the life and work of our great writers, and not the manner of their death.
    • A venue as extraordinary as Kingston's Toilet Gallery could hardly celebrate its birthday in a conventional manner.
    • In response, Killeavy looked to their county star Steven McDonnell who, in his customary manner, pointed.
    • It seems this team don't like to do things in a conventional manner.
    • Fortunately, individual lions can be dependably identified in an unobtrusive manner.
    • Unfortunately, I'd listed my jobs from oldest to most recent - which is not the conventional manner.
    • So if you are going to ask another group to allow you to play through them, do so in a courteous manner and at a convenient time in the round.
    • I took the photograph in an impromptu manner, the manner in which I take most of my photographs.
    • While condemning it in the strongest terms, many Westerners admired the courage of women who went willingly to their death in such a manner.
    • Conceivably the poem was written at the request of the victim's relatives, perhaps in the attempt to redeem a reputation sullied by the manner of his death.
    • In fact, schools hog the limelight, by celebrating the festival in a customary manner, involving children and teachers.
    • In a gruesome act of fate, the star famed for that role met her untimely death in a similar manner, but by accident, on December 8, 1971.
    • The detainee has notice of the grounds for his detention and an opportunity to be heard at a ‘meaningful time and in a meaningful manner.’
    • Most people never think about the manner of their death.
  • 2

    • 2.1(bearing, demeanor)

      actitud feminine
      she has an abrupt manner es brusca
      • a good telephone manner is essential es imprescindible tener buen trato por teléfono
      • Undoubtedly his manner towards Shackleton must have appeared quite subservient.
      • His characteristic manner soon brought customers from near and far and his perfectness in hair styling was always much admired.
      • She probably had a pretty face to start with, but her manner and grace was quite a study in femininity.

    • 2.2Art

      estilo masculine
      the house was decorated in the French manner la casa estaba decorada al / en estilo francés
      • after the manner of Jenks al estilo de Jenks
      • Bollinger was ‘working’ in these pictures, but not in the manner of the other artists Fiore depicted.
      • In the manner of Giorgio Morandi, Gallego paints objects that become portraits of a time and place defying categorization.
      • These new works are a bold push forward, and they show the artist entering into the world of storytelling in the manner of a heartsick troubadour.
      • The title is fashionably silly, in the manner of Flaubert's Parrot, while the subtitle suggests a thesis imperfectly converted into a book.
      • They are inseparable; taboo love blossoms in the manner of Heavenly Creatures, yet all the while trouble is brewing and Considine is brooding.
      • He departs agreeably from the normal procedures of the biographer, sometimes a little in the manner of The Quest for Corvo.
      • Will you be working closely with artistic director Damian Cruden, in the manner of your predecessor, Ludo Keston?
      • The Theatre Royal is to introduce another avenue for new writing in the Up Front showcases that will precede four mainhouse shows in the manner of film shorts in bygone cinema days.
      • It is as if Yeats, in the manner of the prophetic romantic artist, perceives the historical importance of that year as it happens.
      • It is largely devoted to an account of the battle of Actium, but tells it all in the manner of Callimachus, a style wholly unsuited to the subject-matter.

  • 3

    tipo masculine
    suerte feminine
    clase feminine
    all manner of things/people todo tipo / toda suerte / toda clase de cosas/gente
    • by no manner of means de ninguna manera
  • 4

    • 4.1(personal conduct)

      (masculine plural) modales
      educación feminine
      didn't they teach you (any) manners at school? ¿no te enseñaron modales en el colegio?
      • have you forgotten your manners? ¿qué modales son ésos?
      • it's (good) manners to say 'please' es de buena educación decir 'por favor'
      • it's bad manners to point es (de) mala educación señalar con el dedo
      • manners! ¡qué modales son esos!

    • 4.2formal (personal conduct, lifestyle)

      (feminine plural) costumbres
      a comedy of manners una comedia costumbrista
      • Discipline in all walks of life, punctuality, politeness and good manners are expected from the police constables and officers.
      • Politeness, good manners, and willingness to serve are values very strongly encouraged in children.
      • I am going to make extra effort to use good manners and proper social behavior.
      • To be aggressive in behaviour, arrogant in manners and harsh in language is a manifestation of savagery.
      • In a display of polite manners I declined the offer of a juice and a nice cup of tea.
      • I promise to practice good manners and good behaviour and not to lead a life of idleness.
      • Every country has its own customs of social etiquette and good manners, and Thailand is no exception.
      • They are as important as table manners or drawing room manners.
      • While some rules seem a bit quaint, most 19th Century table manners would not be out of place today.
      • Social structure encompasses the values, attitudes, manners, and customs of a society.
      • Her manners and behaviour were very charming and she was one good looking and well spoken woman.
      • Picture the kind of sandwich that is so large you have to cut it in half to maneuver it with any amount of grace and good manners.
      • In fact, even across the same countries, some habits, manners and ways of being change.
      • But Nocte knew that those manners were manifestations of strict rules and traditions.
      • The language, behaviour, manners and values have to be acquired in order for the foreigner to be taken as one of them.
      • Bad manners are the outward sign of a seriously selfish individual.
      • There are so many rules about proper table manners that it would take forever to list every nitpicky item.
      • She forgives him after seeing his politeness and cordial manners during the meal they have together.
      • They want to burst past the obstacle in their path but good manners and guilt prevents them from doing so.
      • She replied quietly, her courteous manners overruling her sullen thoughts.