Translation of mannerly in Spanish:


cortés, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmænərli//ˈmanəli/


  • 1

    (bien) educado
    the children's mannerly conduct el buen comportamiento de los niños
    • He found the pupils to be very friendly, mannerly and confident young people.
    • They committed themselves to elaborate codes of behavior that included respect for women and a certain mannerly decorum.
    • British Virgin Islanders place great importance on mannerly behavior.
    • Trying to approach this gentle and mannerly retired professor about what seems to be going wrong, Miller encounters the deep stubbornness at the core of his being.
    • We believe that every family deserves to have a mannerly pet, a dog that doesn't jump up, pull on the leash or embarrass them out in public.
    • If we remember to praise him for thinking, we help him to be a mannerly dog on his own and not just a robot.
    • Calm, mannerly, fond of bowties, Whitworth was a workaholic.
    • It's a mean competition, too - one that can turn sensible, mannerly, child-loving parents and educators into hard, calculating, and paranoid operators.
    • Cripple Creek's women were a definite part of the camp as they coped with dreary existences and provided their men with good homes and hard-working, mannerly children.
    • Eating fast may not be mannerly, but it's essential.
    • Her mother had told her it was the mannerly way to do it.
    • It's also good to finally meet a guardian as mannerly as you are.
    • He is perfectly mannerly, but has the air of a man who expects, and receives, deference.
    • These fine young gentleman were well-behaved and very mannerly.
    • A more self-assured, unfailingly polite and mannerly man never existed.
    • ‘Most bankers are smart and mannerly, and they don't come in and hit you over the head,’ the executive observes.
    • He seemed so mannerly at first, that you wouldn't believe the words coming out of his mouth just moments later.
    • I only knew their names because I heard Aunt Caren tell them to be mannerly.
    • She was very jittery, far more jittery than Lydie had ever seen the mannerly, dignified Anne Holden.
    • He was mannerly to her but only because he would suffer ramifications from his father if he were not.