Translation of mantelpiece in Spanish:


repisa de la chimenea, n.


Pronunciation /ˈmant(ə)lpiːs//ˈmæn(t)lˌpis/


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    repisa de la chimenea feminine
    • There was a shelf above the tiny fireplace, acting as a mantelpiece for the clock, which was one of those porcelain shells with a clock face as it's inner pattern.
    • A lamp on a low table can wear a shorter shade than a lamp on a mantelpiece because you can't see underneath a shade below eye level.
    • Clocks decorated with mythological beings and resting on marble bases adorned desks, consoles, and mantelpieces in drawing rooms and studies everywhere during the First Empire.
    • Usually I wouldn't even see the dust on the piano/the mantlepiece / the windowsills.
    • Resting on the mantelpiece above a gas fire is an enlarged, slightly blurred photograph of a group of Indian or maybe Sri Lankan soldiers, handguns to the ready, holding a leopard on a chain.
    • Family mementos and photographs were carefully spaced along the mantelpiece above a gas fireplace.
    • She glanced wistfully at the picture of Amber on the mantelpiece.
    • ‘But on the day she was so happy and so beautiful,’ says Mark, gazing at her picture on the mantlepiece with tears in his eyes.
    • The exhibition will see tables, fireplaces and mantelpieces overflow with more than 40 arrangements inspired by original horticultural designs.
    • Recalling it, she looked as happy as she did in one of the pictures she kept on her mantelpiece, the one where she stands next to her father as a debutante.
    • Don't put cards on the mantelpiece above the fire or anywhere near a direct source of heat.
    • She took down an inkily glazed cast from the mantlepiece and passed it to him.
    • Among the framed family pictures on our bedroom mantelpiece are two of young men in nautical uniform.
    • He placed it on his mantelpiece, above the dead television, next to their wedding photo, and he cried.
    • The mantelpiece above the fireplace was mahogany, and a ruby figurine of a dancing girl stood at one end, the amethyst twin at the other.
    • We're not looking for any accolades or shiny shingles for the mantelpiece.
    • Another of the pictures from the mantelpiece shows her during that period, sailing on a gondola down the canals of Venice.
    • Have some of its marvellous cubic-crystal structures on your mantelpiece!
    • Only when his mind had cleared and he could see again what was in front of him did his vision clarify and he saw the wooden surround of the fireplace and the clock on the mantelpiece and the rug on the floor.
    • Every now and then she looks back down at a silver picture frame on the mantelpiece, in which she can see her current appearance.
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    chimenea feminine
    • The drawing room overlooks the front garden and features an original fireplace with a marble mantlepiece and cast iron inset.
    • The drawing room to the left has a redbrick floor-to-ceiling fireplace with pine mantelpiece.
    • Some houses will also have Arts and Crafts-style architraves, covings, skirtings and mantelpieces, while others will feature decorative ceiling beams and attic storage areas.
    • Olivia leans against the marble mantelpiece, above which once hung a huge painting of herself.
    • Kathleen struggled not to gaze at her reflection on the mirror that hung above the mantelpiece, but her eyes continued to glance.
    • The elegant parlour features an entire mantlepiece and alcove made of marble that's more like a small sitting room.
    • Wooden double doors lead through the drawing room, which is a similar size and features an impressive fireplace with a marble mantlepiece, brass grate and marble hearth.
    • The railings lined the tented wall behind the head table that was centered before a massive stone mantelpiece draped in tulips.
    • Whilst the majority are installed into marble or wood mantelpieces there is a growing market for complete ‘bedroom style’ fireplaces in cast iron.
    • Laurie turns back to the fireplace, looking into the small mirror hanging above the mantelpiece.
    • There, strapped to William's back and out of sight, was his father's battleaxe from above the mantelpiece in their parlor.
    • The principal rooms, both downstairs and upstairs, have decorative mantelpieces and cornices that are imaginatively conceived and neatly executed.
    • The room also features a brick fireplace with raised hearth and thick wood beamed mantelpiece, and is overlooked by a balcony which is accessible from the first floor.
    • There is a cast iron fireplace with stained pine mantelpiece and oak floorboards.
    • My eyes snagged on the wall above the mantelpiece, where an array of small oil paintings hung in military organization.
    • The painting will now take pride of place above the mantelpiece in the common room at the centre.
    • He strode over to the fireplace, resting an arm on the mantelpiece in casual pose.
    • The attic space in each house is illuminated by three fitted Velux windows and there are limestone fireplaces and marble mantelpieces throughout.
    • The mantelpiece was an intricate wood carving of vines and branches, almost like it was a living tree itself.
    • As the mantelpiece and panelling indicate, their project is the improvement of a home: virtuous work serves domesticity, family values.