Translation of manual in Spanish:


manual, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmænjə(wə)l//ˈmanjʊ(ə)l/


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    (labor/work) (before noun) manual
    • These immigrants have come from positions ranging from low-level bureaucrats to manual laborers.
    • If slave conditions need to change, human labour, needs and feelings of manual workers need to be respected.
    • He became a manual laborer and later a postal worker, a position that he retained until his retirement.
    • People working indoors do not get the sun exposure that their ancestors got as farmers and manual laborers.
    • Many of them work as unskilled manual laborers, which confines them to low social and economic status.
    • In summer, many manual laborers take their tops off because they get sweaty, or like to saunter along the sidewalks topless.
    • They have tried to present the different facets of the former Pope's life as a manual labourer, poet, thespian and footballer.
    • These manual laborers, long accustomed to toiling in the fields, are good workers.
    • All things being equal the manual labourer will get a slight preference from me because he'll be tougher and stronger and less prone to injury.
    • I am not your typical unskilled manual labourer.
    • They tried to supplement their income by hiring themselves out as day laborers, textile workers or manual laborers.
    • That will mean a harsh deal for manual workers who can't physically work beyond 60 or 65.
    • Asian manual laborers who came to the United States in the nineteenth century were overwhelmingly male.
    • But today, the computer can actually make a better examination than a manual physician.
    • In the wilderness, elite men like Roosevelt no longer donned the business suits that separated them from manual laborers.
    • His glasses gave him an intellectual appearance, but his build and physical presence were more like a manual laborer.
    • It is highly unlikely for the family of high-ranking party officers to work as a manual laborer or miner, for example.
    • Some work as manual laborers while others work as farmers, especially when the fishing is bad.
    • As a manual laborer, he wonders how can he ever feel useful again.
    • His poems reflect the experience of manual laborers and the union men and women who built the United States.


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    manual masculine
    • Reading most occult books these days is like flipping through a computer manual.
    • There are no text books or manuals to refer to when you have a terminal illness.
    • The book is an instruction manual for merchants in how to calculate profit and loss.
    • We also replaced very detailed regulations and manuals with less specific instructions and policy directives.
    • It's fairly simple, just download it and follow the instructions in the manual to install it, then configure a directory for it to serve.
    • He said the manuals contained information on high-grade explosives and pipe bombs.
    • Caregivers generally much prefer hands-on training to reading and following instructions in a user manual.
    • You may even have some of them partly written already in your instruction manuals or installation guides, etc.
    • It's a small office, with books and technical manuals, a computer, a desk and a small window.
    • Originally the company printed computer manuals but then moved into peripherals such as cables and leads - and then packaging.
    • Lisa's collection consisted mostly of some science fiction and fantasy, comic books, and computer manuals of varying sorts.
    • What is going through my head, is that this guy is reading the instructions directly from the manual, which I can now recite by rote.
    • This shop now has a wonderful stock of gifts, souvenirs, music books, songbooks and instrument manuals.
    • Workers should also read the instruction manuals for computer terminals and be familiar with their operation, he said.
    • It's a book, about the same size as the instruction manual.
    • Instructors teach from the instruction and safety manuals the company provides with its equipment.
    • Card tables covered with computer manuals, cell phone booklets and how-to guides compete for space on the sidewalk.
    • He wrote his first book, a training manual called Inside the Cyclist.
    • Legal and economic literature is arranged next to history books and computer manuals.
    • A sand reference guide, also part of the manual, provides all information you need to set up each interface type.
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    teclado masculine
    • The ostinato in the manuals is also regular, until it moves at the end of bar 27.
    • The BX - 3 has dual manuals with 61 keys each, full polyphony and a very natural feel.
    • The same format was often imitated at the organ, the pedal taking the bass and the manuals the treble lines.