Translation of manuscript in Spanish:


manuscrito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmanjʊskrɪpt//ˈmænjəˌskrɪpt/


  • 1

    (unpublished text)
    manuscrito masculine
    original masculine
    • We are attracting more manuscripts and publishing more articles than ever before.
    • Of the three publishers she sent manuscripts to, only one asked for the rest of the novel.
    • It was never his intention to publish the manuscripts, but a friend who was a teacher read them and sent them to a publisher.
    • Far from being unable to finish the book, he was on course to deliver the manuscript earlier than I expected.
    • Which is why there are a lot more manuscripts available for publication than there are publishers willing to pay for them.
    • We thank the authors of the original manuscripts for allowing us to use them and the readers for taking part in our study.
    • Finally, at the end of August last year, I gave my manuscript to my publisher.
    • Works on political subjects tended towards the abstract, circulating only in manuscript.
    • Informed consent for this purpose requires that the patient should be shown the manuscript to be published.
    • Yes, but the anthropologist had sold his manuscript to some publisher who had no notice of any of this.
    • Those with ready works will be guided towards shopping their manuscripts to established publishers.
    • The spy writer falsely claimed he wrote the manuscript for the Enigma book.
    • He considered sending a legal letter asking for his manuscript back.
    • One of these unsolicited manuscripts might be published every couple of years or so.
    • All authors were responsible for revising the manuscript and for final approval of the paper.
    • If he did approach publishers with the manuscript, a lot of people could have tipped off the paper.
    • He had been writing a book on Epstein, but the manuscript was never found.
    • How then do publishers respond to proposals or manuscripts from authors of How To Write books?
    • They did so without seeing the manuscript, and with the book not due to be delivered for another two years.
    • You could offer to let them see the manuscript before it's published, if necessary.
  • 2

    (handwritten book)
    manuscrito masculine
    • Not all the manuscripts on show are spectacularly illuminated.
    • An entire manuscript of Urdu written in Roman is a precious treasure of the Lahore Museum.
    • The Burns Museum is a treasure-trove of manuscripts, books, paintings and artefacts.
    • The completed manuscripts will be displayed month by month in a special cabinet in the north aisle of the Priory.
    • The looters retuned the next day, stealing the library's most valuable manuscripts and books.
    • The treasury has been converted into a bright little museum of censers, illuminated manuscripts and paintings.
    • His extensive collection of books and manuscripts later formed the basis of the British Museum library.
    • Bits of the manuscript turned up in strange libraries, written in unlikely languages.
    • Its Romany collection of rare books and manuscripts celebrates the culture and history of travellers.
    • These manuscripts are written by people in the past to tell us what has happened.
    • From about this time we have the earliest surviving manuscript written by Galileo.
    • At the same time, there are less than a dozen extant early medieval Welsh manuscripts, and only three are illuminated.
    • The books and manuscripts were written on vellum, a preparation of calf, goat and sheep skins.
    • In Malaysia, most of the manuscripts discovered were written after the advent of Islam.
    • One of the features of early modern manuscript and even printed language was its variable and unstable nature.
    • Priceless books and manuscripts will receive special protection as the restoration of a library gets underway.
    • The author relies primarily on a variety of written sources, both manuscripts and printed.
    • The illuminated manuscripts are so fragile the lighting is very low in the gallery.
    • The museum has a large collection of Islamic art objects, manuscripts and printed books.
    • In antiquity Greek manuscripts were written in what we call capital letters, without any gaps between letters.