Translation of Mar in Spanish:


mar., n.


  • 1



Translation of mar in Spanish:


estropear, v.

Pronunciation /mɑr//mɑː/

transitive verb

  • 1

    the choice of wine can make or mar a dinner party el éxito de una cena depende de la elección del vino
    • There is to be a Fifa investigation into the scenes of violence that marred the end of the World Cup qualifying playoff game between Turkey and Switzerland.
    • He wore a dark green uniform that was pressed so not a single wrinkle marred the suit's perfection.
    • A vision of perfection, it was of the purest, sparkling silver, with neither cut, nor blemish nor scar marring any aspect of its beauty.
    • Fresh calls are being made for council bosses to move Leeds Music Festival from Temple Newsam Park after violence marred this year's event.
    • It was well presented with only remedial work around some of the greens marring its appearance.
    • A bitter expression crossed his features, causing angry wrinkles to mar his face.
    • Deep creased wrinkles marred his perfect, ageless, shiny red face at his nose and mouth as he spoke in a low, whispering tone.
    • It was towards the end of his stay, as he sat before the telephone or tapped on his cell-phone, that the first clouds appeared to mar his trip.
    • The fungus mars the appearance of infected plants, which often exhibit powdery yellow dots on their foliage.
    • The Norwegians said the poll did not meet international standards and had been marred by violence, most of it from government supporters.
    • The calls come amid fears of a repeat of the violence which marred last year's bank holiday event when a mob went on the rampage, attacking police and burning buildings.
    • This year's festival is being held at Bramham Park for the first time after its four-year tenure at Temple Newsam Park was marred by repeated violence.
    • The church is currently being repainted whilst construction to the front of the Secondary School mars its appearance somewhat.
    • There were two distinctive scars on his face, but they did not did mar his appearance.
    • For many, the cameo was quite possibly the weakest guest appearance ever recorded, marring the entire middle of a potential classic.
    • Tuesday's attempted group suicide appeared to mar the largely peaceful image of the sect's campaign.
    • Shia proponents of the elections will argue that while the process may be marred by violence, the process in the long term could end terrorism in Iraq.
    • My wise, knowledgeable green eyes were younger, no wrinkles marring them in the slightest.
    • In reality, only bags under his eyes and unshaven appearance marred his skin.
    • Her outfit seemed completely unscathed, however, without even a spec of dust to mar its pristine appearance.