Translation of marauder in Spanish:


maleante, n.

Pronunciation /məˈrɔdər//məˈrɔːdə/


  • 1

    (criminal) maleante feminine
    (prowler) merodeador masculine
    (prowler) merodeadora feminine
    • We need not look for ‘proof’ by poring over the dusty records of the meticulous pillagers, marauders, and savvy tradesmen.
    • If international rugby is to mean anything, trans-nations marauders seeking higher wages really should be stopped.
    • I can hardly think of a worse fate for any society than to be led into the future by the political class of gangsters, marauders, looters, and liars.
    • Ships of our navy have had occasional run-ins with pirates and marauders, but war for us is like the vaguest memory.
    • This location afforded a natural fortress to protect it from roving marauders and pirates in search of valuable goods.