Translation of marcher in Spanish:


manifestante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑːtʃə//ˈmɑrtʃər/


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    manifestante feminine
    • I'm all for the marchers now and have plans for my own kind of protest in the future.
    • The marchers join a swelling youth protest movement as many face a bleak future.
    • No doubt many of Saturday's marchers will claim their own particular reasons for protesting this time.
    • Protesters in Parliament Square tried to break through police lines and join other marchers who had arrived in the area.
    • It was an anti-globalisation protest, but many marchers shouted slogans and had placards against the war.
    • Sections of the city centre were brought to a halt by marchers protesting against job losses and poor working conditions.
    • The marcher sustained the injury after a scuffle broke out when marchers broke the windows of a stationary taxi.
    • Yesterday the pro-testing marchers stood up to be counted and we applaud them.
    • Protest marchers head for the offices of the Dept. of Fisheries on Black Wednesday.
    • I certainly cannot recall street marchers or naked protests, and I would remember those.
    • Fortunately for them, there were several people outside the jail who were protesting the arrest of the marchers.
    • The government ordered soldiers to open fire on the marchers, killing 11 women protesters.
    • The marchers carried placards threatening to take strike action during the examination period.
    • The marchers from Central Luzon will be joined by thousands of protesters from Manila and Southern Tagalog.
    • A wall of uniformed police on motor scooters blocked off half of Second Avenue as marchers trooped down city streets.
    • But the calm and restrained people constitute the majority of the marchers.
    • Looks like they are educating their kids to be party of the next generation of protesters and marchers.
    • I wonder if maybe violence against a protest marcher might be one of the only effective ways to highlight the agenda of the protest concerned.
    • He has asked the thousands of marchers with him to wait outside the city.
    • The Swindon marchers joined the protest near the Houses of Parliament.