Translation of marchioness in Spanish:


marquesa, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmɑːʃəˈnɛs//ˈmɑːʃ(ə)nəs//ˈmɑrʃ(ə)nəs/


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    marquesa feminine
    • They watched as the marquess and his new marchioness performed the extraordinary feat of holding their breath for some time.
    • It was not often that a marchioness of France underwent the extraordinary question.
    • A month later the new marquis was without a marchioness; his wife Carolyn filed for divorce.
    • When he learned of her deed, Audubon wrote to his wife that the marchioness had pasted the birds ‘on the walls of one of her Superb Rooms.’
    • Thanks to the major and minor arcana of good behaviour set out in the book, I am at no loss as to the correct order of precedence as to whether a marchioness or a viscount should be led into dinner first.
    • It was a year ago this very day that the marchioness miscarried the babe.
    • Now let's see if they are ready for the new marchioness.
    • You did see the marchioness spill her drink on the countess.
    • But to his critics his fondness for the marchioness of Londonderry looked like social climbing and a desire for acceptance by the establishment.
    • Will you tell anyone who asks that I felt ill and the marchioness accompanied me home?
    • His travelling companions included Ian Fleming's widow, Anne, and the marchioness of Dufferin.
    • The marchioness will be fine after a few days' rest.
    • The Science Show had two dedicated court reporters on call around the clock, 52 weeks a year (or 24/7 as it's now known), helicopters on standby and research teams analysing every royal nuance down to the lowliest marchioness.