Translation of mare in Spanish:


yegua, n.

Pronunciation /mɛr//mɛː/


  • 1

    (horse) yegua feminine
    (donkey) burra feminine
    (zebra) cebra feminine
    • Eating infected fescue often causes extended pregnancies in mares, resulting in foaling problems.
    • If the mares are not in foal to Kentucky stallions, it is difficult to get a really top price.
    • Males mature more slowly; at three, they begin to pester mares in estrus and are driven out of their natal group.
    • Inbreeding may account for the fact that far fewer than half of all breeding mares foal each year.
    • Tragically, as that happens, thousands of mares, foals and stallions will die.
    • They bought a lot of very high-priced stallions and brood mares and so on from all around the world.
    • Most adults live in social groups, either of stallions, of mares with their dependent foals, or in mixed sex groups.
    • Other than predator defense by the male, the mare mostly raises the foal.
    • The infection can be derived from contaminated bedding and it can be spread from stallions to mares during breeding.
    • It really doesn't matter whether you have a stallion or a mare or a gelding.
    • The stallion, however should be kept in such a way to prevent him from seeing any of the mares or other horses except other stallions.
    • This is especially useful for skittish horses and pregnant mares.
    • They live in permanent small family groups made up of a stallion and one to several mares and their foals.
    • The three riders fought to contain their horses but the mare wasn't as much trouble as the two stallions were.
    • She didn't want to go home to her stables and see all the beautiful mares and gelding and stallions and not see her mare.
    • Then one day, he noticed that a mare, a stallion and a foal had crossed the fence into the park.
    • A breeding herd usually consists of a stallion with anything from one to five mares, and their foals.
    • The structure that was destroyed was a barn used for foaling mares and prepping yearlings.
    • She saddled the mare, the just-awoken horse quickly catching onto Fiona's urgency.
    • With two stallions and 20 brood mares, the Ford's are expecting 16 foals this season.