Translation of marge in Spanish:


margarina, n.

Pronunciation /mɑːdʒ//mɑrdʒ/



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    margarina feminine
    • Meantime you should have sifted the flour and salt, rubbed in the marge and added the dates/currants and jam.
    • On the tables were fluffy white caraway seed bread and marge.
    • There was a plate with two slices of bread and a knob of marge.
    • One of my mum's specialities was bread pudding - not bread and butter pudding - made with stale bread, which we couldn't afford to waste, soaked in milk and then mixed with fruit, spices, sugar and marge, so it was sort of spicy.
    • Does this mean we can expect to hear the argument that a Big Mac is, in fact, a ‘gateway drug’ leading unwitting consumers on to mainline, say, half a pound of marge?