There are 2 main translations of marginal in Spanish

: marginal1marginal2


poco rentable, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈmɑrdʒənl//ˈmɑːdʒɪn(ə)l/


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    • 1.1(not very productive)

      (well/land) poco rentable
      • Landowners can offer eligible cropland and marginal pastureland in these watersheds.
      • Africa is so vast and fertile that we don't need GM crops to increase yields or to enable us to use marginal land.
      • For example, aluminum-tolerant crops could allow farmers in developing nations to plant on marginal lands.
      • And that rent is still a differential relative to the output at marginal land.
      • The result of this is that any such marginal parcel of land will be sold at the market price determined by the opportunity cost of land.
      • How do we begin to value the agriculture of these marginal lands so that it can compete in this unfair internal market?
      • GM can make crops more efficient, putting marginal land back to nature and reducing pesticide use.
      • Thus, the model indicated that marginal land could be put into the conservation reservation program or similar other programs.
      • A poor man is driven on to marginal land; he is not suffered to live on good land at a low rent.
      • Let us assume a two-factor (land and labour) economy, in which a plot of marginal land yields no rent.
      • He notes that the northern grazing industry has usually been economically marginal, rarely very profitable.
      • Underneath that wide smile, he scares marginal McDonald's store operators with his frankness.
      • But the crops promoted are often inappropriate, the lands used marginal and the returns diminishing.
      • Majors couldn't be bothered with marginal fields and were willing to sell off production.
      • In some cases the provision grounds comprised marginal, unproductive land; in others the soil was ideal for food crops.
      • Farmers originally received grants to plant forests on marginal farmland.

    • 1.2Finance Economics

      (cost) marginal
      marginal tax rate tasa impositiva marginal feminine
      • In other words, we assume that the marginal and average costs of production remain equal and constant as output expands.
      • Dramatic congestion relief can be obtained by applying short-run marginal social cost pricing to street networks.
      • You have gone back to define market power, I thought, as the ability to charge above marginal prices.
      • If he is rational, he will choose a price that maximizes his profit, the price that equates marginal cost with marginal revenue.
      • In each country, the long-run perfectly competitive equilibrium price equals marginal production cost plus the per unit tax.
      • By the 1990s, the use of frequent flyer programmes had become more widespread and their revenue benefits marginal.
      • Utility accounting is notoriously arcane and based on aggregate, not marginal, costs.
      • In the past the market mispriced oil due to distortions of low marginal production costs.
      • The variable, total, marginal and average costs are calculated along with total revenue and profit or loss.
      • Increasing rates of reproduction will drop marginal production costs and, therefore, prices.
      • Economic theory would dictate use of marginal price, but average price is often the only price measure available.
      • Hyundai Motor India has announced a marginal price increase for all its cars across segments to reflect the incidence of Education Cess.
      • Thus short-run marginal costing rather than LRMC is the appropriate pricing strategy.
      • In the week ended June 19, first-time claims for jobless benefits recorded a marginal increase, at 351,000.

    • 1.3British

      marginal constituency distrito electoral cuyo representante obtuvo el escaño por escasa mayoría
      • In fact, there was little turnover of seats at general elections and the two main parties concentrated on the fifty or so marginal seats which decided the outcome of a general election.
      • Nationally that figures has soared by 500 per cent in marginal seats in the election.
      • The ballot boxes may not open until 5 May, but the postal votes on which many of Labour's most marginal seats will be decided began dropping on to doormats last weekend.
      • By spending time in the places with marginal seats, he aims to find out what the voters really want and what the towns and surrounding areas really need.
      • A Tory spokesman claimed ministers had hoped to keep a lid on the crisis, in a region full of marginal seats, until after the election on May 5.
      • Labour, having survived this year's election, has been left with a heavy crop of marginal seats to defend.
      • He said he was determined to visit each of the party's key marginal seats at least once before the next election.
      • He now plans to vote Labour in the marginal seat of Battersea.
      • Tories are setting up a war unit to target three marginal General Election seats in Bradford, it was revealed today.
      • It is true that the polls show very little movement either way, but there are plenty of marginal seats in Victoria and in a close election they cannot be ignored.
      • Leeds North West, which encompasses Otley, has been targeted by the Liberal Democrats and Tories as a key marginal seat in their election campaigns.
      • The final result of the general election was declared yesterday as Labour clung on to the marginal seat of Harlow by just 97 votes.
      • Add to this the fact that many of their marginal seats are electing councillors, and this is a big test.
      • Once upon a time his own seat was quite marginal, and it was often touch and go on election night - him never knowing if he was going to stay in parliament or not.
      • The closeness of voting in marginal seats in both state and federal elections demonstrates that our individual votes do matter.
      • No longer would elections be decided in a small number of marginal seats - parties would be forced to campaign for every last vote, everywhere.
      • Catching these ‘missing voters’ could make a significant difference to the results of elections in marginal seats.
      • It was only restarted after Labour realised it was in a marginal seat and could be a vote-winner in the next election.
      • Conservative voters in marginal seats: Grit your teeth and vote Labour.
      • One returning officer in the marginal seat of Dorset South said hundreds of voters had rung up to cancel postal votes owing to fears of fraud.

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    (on page)
    (notes) marginal
    (notes) al margen
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    (difference/improvement) mínimo
    (significance/role) menor
    to be marginal to sth
    • this is marginal to the debate esto está relacionado con el debate solo de manera tangencial

There are 2 main translations of marginal in Spanish

: marginal1marginal2



  • 1British

    escaño obtenido por escasa mayoría