Translation of marginalize in Spanish:


marginar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑːdʒɪn(ə)lʌɪz//ˈmɑrdʒənəˌlaɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • The alternative, to collapse the diversity into a univocal simplification, inevitably marginalises some members of the community and their interests.
    • Victims are marginalised and suffer twice over when the legal process treats them as mere evidence.
    • Though there are attempts to marginalize us, our voices are still being heard.
    • Once again, it's about attempting to marginalize Christianity for political gain.
    • Soon after, though, the curtain will drop and the media will attempt to marginalize bloggers, hoping they will go away.
    • This is hardly the first time that a major media network used its power to marginalize political beliefs that contradict those of its owners.
    • Ever since the last elections, in 2001, the two camps have been attempting to marginalise each other.
    • The term ethnic minority is often used to refer to marginalized cultural groups.
    • Research shows early school leaving marginalises different groups in society, particularly young unskilled men, lone parents and young people in disadvantaged areas or rural areas.
    • So I definitely saw the attempts to marginalize me early on.
    • They will continue to treat Hong Kong as a marketplace - and seek to marginalize dissenters as troublemakers.
    • Literature that is widely taught today includes writings by women and members of other historically marginalized groups.
    • The effect of this was to marginalize all advocacy groups and interest groups that were not corporate.
    • They cater to an elite audience that has marginalized market exchange as peripheral.
    • In general, she argues that community college students are multidimensional, yet institutions frequently see them in more constricted terms, further marginalizing them.
    • The simplification of identities into news-friendly sound-bites throughout the NATO bombing campaign often further marginalises minority groups.
    • However, I believe what this government is attempting to do is get a political mandate to further marginalise our aboriginal interests.
    • He concludes that the nature of this coverage serves to marginalize the groups and assert a greater level of social control over them.
    • Taiwan must not be marginalized, belittled or treated as a locality, he said.
    • But then again, I went on to blame the mainstream media to a certain degree for marginalizing actors as some kind of annoying special interest group that are like little gnats that fly around.