Translation of marijuana in Spanish:


marihuana, n.


Pronunciation /ˌmɛrəˈ(h)wɑnə//ˌmarɪˈhwɑːnə/


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    marihuana feminine
    • That document concluded that marihuana was a drug whose use should not call for serious criminal penalties.
    • So why then does the government insist to ignore the medical value of marijuana?
    • It is grown to produce the narcotic drugs hashish and marijuana, made primarily from its female flowers.
    • However, it has been nearly a century since marijuana was first made illegal in Canada.
    • I believe that it should be another misdemeanor to smoke marijuana under the age of 21.
    • We know he smoked marijuana, but he's hardly an exemplar of the Ken Kesey LSD generation.
    • He alleges as well that the wife smokes marijuana frequently in the matrimonial home.
    • We were smoking marijuana for breakfast and that led to communication problems.
    • You may have heard it called marijuana, weed or hash but it is still cannabis, a natural drug that comes from a plant.
    • More is known about the adverse effects and therapeutic uses of marihuana than about most prescription drugs.
    • Then, on the way back across the border he was caught with marijuana, but never charged.
    • There'd be no reason to abuse medical use of marijuana if the stuff was legalized.
    • The player skirts claims that he has had his own problems with cocaine and marijuana.
    • Two others pleaded not guilty to possession of four buckets of compressed marijuana.
    • He conceded that he smokes the marihuana not only to keep calm, but to deal with society and authority figures.
    • He was smoking some exceptionally strong marijuana, and appeared to be quite enlightened at times.
    • So, with the facts in place, how can the government ignore them any longer and keep marijuana illegal?
    • Just smile, sample her medicinal marijuana, and listen to the story that must be told.
    • I truly believe this one and people should watch out for this when they smoke marijuana.
    • One thing I do have against marijuana though is that if you smoke it habitually you become very, very boring!