Translation of marionette in Spanish:


marioneta, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmɛriəˈnɛt//ˌmarɪəˈnɛt/


  • 1

    marioneta feminine
    títere masculine
    • In Movement of Animals Aristotle likened the body's actions to those of a marionette, in that the bones correspond to the pegs and the sinews to the strings which cause movements.
    • Making the puppets so large, though, undermines the puppet actors' role; why use marionettes if they are as big as people?
    • For us, real marionettes, string marionettes, produced those moments of otherness, they created a spell, something very unnerving, disquieting.
    • His words became little white letters on the bottom of the screen for my benefit, his mouth moving soundlessly like a marionette, a puppet with his strings drawn by the public.
    • Rather than cardboard cutouts, like South Park, the movie uses puppets - marionettes, actually.
    • For clarification, Teresa was explaining to the class that they were going to be like marionettes hanging by the strings.
    • Later, in the '90s, she visited Prague, where she met and studied with Czech puppeteers and discovered the allure of marionettes and puppet theatre.
    • Here you get to see real marionettes and puppeteers in action.
    • Jim Henson founded his company in 1958, inventing the term ‘muppet’ as a cross between the words marionette and puppet.
    • Folklore also surrounds Belgium's traditional puppet theater, whose marionettes are based on characters from the tales of their particular cities.
    • Performed by a series of exquisite marionettes, it is truly magical.
    • Puppet shows using glove and hand puppets, shadow puppets, and marionettes are performed there, depicting stories from Uzbek history.
    • And the motion of these characters is positively stilted and looks like marionettes on strings as they bob and nod about.
    • The figure dances, like a marionette whose strings are pulled by popular music; yet the figure is also flexible, suggestive perhaps of the flexibility of style itself.
    • A marionette danced on strings, a jester decking in bells and bright red and yellow.
    • I chose to start with the medical exam because I wanted to show the weakness of the human body in a situation in which the body seems to be moved by strings, like a marionette.
    • The tale, which is told by two puppeteers, features marionettes, hand puppets, rod puppets and mask and stilt characters.
    • She suddenly felt as if she were a marionette whose strings were pulled so taut that she was forced onto her toes, her head pulled back.
    • I almost saw Don Giovanni performed by marionettes - the Czech marionette tradition is one of the best in Europe!
    • Reaching out, the fingers started waggling like a marionette having its strings being pulled.