Translation of marked in Spanish:


marcado, adj.

Pronunciation /mɑrkt//mɑːkt/


  • 1

    (improvement/difference) marcado
    (improvement/difference) notable
    (improvement/difference) notorio
    (accent) marcado
    (accent) fuerte
    the contrast could hardly have been more marked el contraste difícilmente podría haber sido mayor / más acusado
    • While the use of accounting information intensified, there was no marked change in the system itself.
    • There's a marked improvement in my circulation.
    • Two months later the patient complained of marked progression of symptoms.
    • We agree that the rewriting of history is an integral part of the historian's trade, and this has been a marked feature of our own work.
    • She said the school has shown a marked improvement this year in their efforts to retain the green flag.
    • What this actually points to is a marked, though still limited, diffusion of prosperity and a radically changing social and occupational structure.
    • Intensive immunization campaigns have resulted in a marked decrease in polio throughout the world.
    • There has been a marked decrease in the number of dogs roaming loose on local roads and housing estates since the Dog Warden service swung back into action.
    • Is it your judgment that this is going to be a marked improvement in terms of national security?
    • Demand in Waterford City Centre for good retail locations is extremely strong and there has been a marked scarcity of suitable properties.
    • It has demonstrated long-lasting changes, with patients showing a marked reduction in service usage.
    • However, marked differences were found in the intensity of labelling of a range of nitrogenous compounds.
    • Many other studies show marked changes in aggressive and deviant attitudes resulting from pornographic desensitization.
    • There is a marked difference between those living in prosperous wheat belt and wine country, compared with those in declining steel towns.
    • There I encountered a marked divergence of views.
    • Scotland has delivered a bruising critique of its parliament, with the worst turnout for more than 150 years and a marked drop in support for the main parties.
    • Yes, Indian folk and tribal paintings reflect a marked distinction from the miniature art of classical traditions.
    • In his trading ventures he showed a marked preference for associating with men of the Low Countries rather than those of Lynn.
    • There is a marked distinction between inland and coastal cookery, due not only to contrasting climatic conditions, but also to differences in history.
    • Its perhaps most marked feature are the enormous collars on the coats, a very contemporary gesture.