Translation of marker in Spanish:


indicador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑrkər//ˈmɑːkə/


  • 1

    (to show position)
    indicador masculine
    before noun marker buoy boya indicadora feminine
    • After a distance this path begins to rise round a prominent bend to where another narrower path leaves the main one at a marker post.
    • Put a marker on the ground, and always stand on that spot.
    • The two people in question were driving their car out to Coney Island when they veered off the line of concrete markers which marks the route.
    • In fact, a roadside marker along Route 60 still commemorates the case today.
    • The walkway also has brass markers indicating where the coastline was in 1788.
    • The track is above the road and is indicated by dark blue markers.
    • Climb up past the coastguard lookout, and take a right turn at the marker post.
    • The section start and end positions were indicated with marker posts on the side of the road plus a steel rod was driven into the pavement on the centre line.
    • In the pipeline are permanent route markers in mosaic and cement.
    • He put it to the defendant that the granite post was a marker for disputed property and the defendant had removed it in a bid to claim the property.
    • You see a marker post which tells you that you're on the right track, which momentarily raises your spirits about three millimetres from rock bottom.
    • He offers to sell fishermen special marker buoys to help them identify their nets and fishing spots.
    • Lobster-pot fishermen really should be banned from using black marker buoys at this time of year - it gets very distracting.
    • There are, however, neither signs of life nor markers to indicate where we are.
    • Some of the coloured route markers are over-ruled by diversion signs.
    • Stones resting on the markers that indicate where barracks once were act as symbols of remembrance.
    • When radiographs are taken to detect foreign bodies a metallic marker should always be placed at the site of the injury, tangential to the site of entry.
    • The orange race route markers pointed straight into an empty box car.
    • He took a small stone and tapped the marker stone that was positioned directly under the painting.
    • I stared down at the grave marker that now seemed old compared to the ones around it.
  • 2also marker pen

    rotulador masculine
  • 3

    School University
    persona que corrige exámenes etc
    • When examiners turn into mere markers, they often produce a grid called a mark analysis sheet.
    • Several independent high schools have already complained that pupils' scores were reduced by markers in a bid to avoid claims that exams are becoming easier.
    • There are too few teachers and examination markers.
    • If the assessment is subjective, the level of agreement between markers must be tested in order to validate the process of marking.
    • Not only do such mistakes cost you marks, they give the marker a negative view of the rest of your answer or entire paper.
    • For example, in the external assessment the markers are experienced teachers, trained by a chief examiner.
    • Education Secretary Charles Clarke promised an extra £6m to recruit more A-level markers last December.
    • Statements were being taken from several examination markers.
    • Examination markers would be asked to be extra vigilant and to follow up suspicious trends in exam scripts.