Translation of market forces in Spanish:

market forces

fuerzas del mercado, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    fuerzas del mercado feminine
    • The increases ignored fluctuating market forces, including fuel prices and rising costs.
    • The free marketeers say that we need more deregulation and market forces.
    • Can market forces manage issues of food labeling or must regulators be involved?
    • Its implosion is a reminder that, in the long run, market forces trump state power.
    • Trade was certainly moved by comparative advantage, and market forces did generate some specialization.
    • Our economic system is highly artificial and insulated from market forces.
    • They were committed to shift the balance from the state and collectivist values to market forces and individualism.
    • Following the initial establishment of a planned economy, market forces were gradually introduced.
    • Combine that with market forces and it means rocketing prices for the limited number of properties still available in York.
    • They also question why writers should be immune from the market forces that govern every other industry.
    • With normal market forces coming into play, discount rates on bonds can be expected to decrease.
    • First and foremost, it takes advantage of market forces that are already in play.
    • It is easy to be misled by all the talk about privatization and harnessing market forces.
    • As the number of struggling Internet companies continues to rise, market forces must be allowed to prevail.
    • We reach the point then where we must seek to distinguish between moral forces and market forces.
    • Rather, its low cost means that market forces cannot be relied on to ensure its availability in these settings.
    • The city must create a wide range of employment opportunities if it is to withstand volatile global market forces.
    • The fact is, gas prices are at record-high levels not because of taxes but because of market forces.
    • First, the game's senior managers did not raise the price; market forces did.
    • The market for generic medicines is not regulated, as it was thought that market forces would keep their prices down.