Translation of marketable in Spanish:


comercializable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑːkɪtəb(ə)l//ˈmɑrkədəb(ə)l/


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    (goods/product) comercializable
    (product/goods) mercadeable
    (image) comercial
    languages are highly marketable skills nowadays hoy en día los idiomas abren muchas puertas en el mercado laboral
    • But as he had hoped from the outset, appearing on television did what politics had failed to do: it made him marketable to the print media.
    • The course will benefit unemployed people as it will gain them another skill which could make them more marketable in the search for jobs.
    • English Heritage however, demanded proof that the building had no marketable use.
    • Being able to translate those ideas into marketable material is another.
    • This band could not be more marketable and polished, yet remains unsigned.
    • This same publishing industry has turned a cold shoulder to other, less marketable writers.
    • Thousands of Russians are now studying in America and Europe, and have acquired marketable skills, enabling them to land lucrative jobs.
    • The event, organised by the Guild of Scriveners, is a tradition which was originally intended to test that ale on sale in the city was of marketable quality.
    • Faces, which are marketable pieces of personal property, are vulnerable.
    • She will find it increasingly hard to find any place to call her own from now on after advertisers identified her as the most marketable woman in sport.
    • But, today, to become politically marketable a party needs to be open to new ideas and new members.
    • But he said the county, with its lakes and mountains, had an eminently marketable image that could play well with the wider public.
    • Frustrated savers sell their bonds and put the proceeds in marketable commodities.
    • On a global scale, and in many developing nations, water is a scarce and valuable, and clearly marketable, commodity.
    • The other could be a more child-friendly and marketable animal mascot, which are very popular in sports.
    • He suggests that the solution lies in treating knowledge as any other marketable commodity.
    • But the idea was kept under wraps for years until it was marketable.
    • But times have changed, and rugby league has once again become a very marketable commodity.
    • Today, every show that is on is pre-taped and then edited to be as catchy and marketable as possible.
    • It's suddenly marketable, sexy, vibrant and most importantly, relevant.
    • Maintaining quantity, supply security and punctuality in delivery are also important to make the products marketable.
    • The important thing to remember is that a college degree is what's going to make you more marketable than anything else.
    • Demand for the loans necessary to create the marketable securities simply could not be satisfied.
    • Increasingly, however, Canadians are writing novels set outside Canada, in order to be global and marketable.
    • As yet, they haven't come up with a marketable name for the product.
    • Kidding aside, the resolution said water was a basic human right and should not be treated as a marketable commodity.
    • The quality of education was also key in making student's globally marketable.
    • You have to be pretty marketable to sell a series simply by tacking your name to the front of it.
    • Snoopy dancing and saying ‘Have a good morning’ is a very marketable image.
    • One of the most interesting - and potentially marketable - are natural aromas.
    • There are plenty of people who treat spirituality as a marketable commodity.
    • From comics to card games, movies to merchandise, X-Men is undoubtedly one of the worlds most marketable brands.
    • What is needed are global changes to make the platform more marketable.