Translation of marl in Spanish:


marga, n.

Pronunciation /mɑrl//mɑːl/


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    marga feminine
    • Taken together, the lithology of the sediments generally ranges from marls and sandstones at the bottom of the sections to coarse conglomerates whose matrix and clast size increase upwards.
    • The sediments include lacustrine freshwater limestones, silts, marls, occasional sands and local lignite.
    • The covering of the basin floor during periods of enhanced moisture conditions allows the deposition of lacustrine sediments such as marls and clays.
    • Basement rocks consist of Tortonian volcanic rocks unconformably overlain by Messinian (uppermost Miocene) marine marls, coral-reef limestones and carbonate breccias.
    • The Posidonia Shales are represented by a succession of marls and bituminous clays with a few interbedded carbonate-rich levels, possibly diagenetic in origin.