Translation of marriage in Spanish:


casamiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmarɪdʒ//ˈmɛrɪdʒ/


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    • 1.1(act)

      casamiento masculine
      matrimonio masculine
      enlace masculine formal
      she tried to prevent their marriage trató de impedir que se casaran
      • marriage to sb casamiento con algn
      • marriage vows votos matrimoniales
      • It was indeed mentally invigorating to enter into a debate on arranged marriages versus love marriages.
      • Improving your marriage brings great rewards.
      • The husband submits that the marriage was not a traditional one wherein the wife sacrificed her career in order to stay at home to care for children.
      • We have about 12 weddings a year and last year we did a marriage vows renewal service which went very well.
      • A man who was in a coma for six weeks after a road accident and can't remember his wedding has renewed his marriage vows to his wife who is helping him back to health.
      • While Bernadette and Patrick did exchange wedding vows, their marriage is not legally binding.
      • He claims to have separated 11 months after the marriage due to the wife's infidelities.
      • When they returned a few hours later, Jeff showed Charlie the marriage license.
      • Many of these unions grew into happy and successful marriages.
      • She had been refused free NHS treatment because her husband has children from a previous marriage.
      • Strong marriages or partnerships do not just happen; they require effort.
      • My name is Steve, and I will be performing your marriage ceremony today.
      • She refused several of his marriage proposals, but she finally relented and they got married in 1962.
      • He only discovered her duplicity when he found a marriage certificate in her handbag.
      • My wife's daughter from her previous marriage is coming to stay with us for a few days.
      • Nothing tied him down - no restrictions, no regulations, no marriage vows.
      • By working less and staying at home more, I believed naively that my husband would come home to domestic bliss and a happy marriage would ensue.
      • It is anyway a false distinction to divide marriages into the happy and the unhappy, and to say that when they are happy, ownership is unimportant.
      • Serious ill-health and in 1951 the break-up of his marriage increased his problems.
      • She seems to have painted little after her marriage in 1640.

    • 1.2(relationship, state)

      matrimonio masculine
      marriage to sb casamiento con algn masculine
      • her marriage to the poet lasted two years estuvo dos años casada con el poeta
      • a marriage of convenience un matrimonio de conveniencias
      • he gave him his daughter in marriage le entregó a su hija en matrimonio
      • before noun marriage counseling / (British) guidance terapia de pareja
      • marriage counselor / (British) marriage guidance counsellor consejero matrimonial
      • It's a very American piece, like a sketch show, a revue about love, dating, marriage, children, divorce, death, so we go from being eight to 80 in the show.
      • But then, I thought that's what marriage was about.
      • A former British soldier and his German bride, who overcame prejudice in post-war Germany, were today celebrating 50 years of marriage.
      • A York family marks 75 years of marriage today - as parents and daughter celebrate their golden and silver weddings respectively.
      • They were both factory hands when they married at the age of 19 and 22 and spent their first year of marriage in Calne, before moving to Melksham in 1933.
      • But with large numbers of unions still ending in divorce and many couples choosing to cohabit and raise children out of wedlock, has marriage had its day?
      • With National Marriage Week starting today and Valentine's Day looming we spoke to two very different couples and one divorcee about their experiences of marriage.
      • But asserting that loss of individuality within marriage is still primarily a female problem is a point that seems much harder to argue in a world where roles are shifting all the time.
      • Was it conservative to insist that she would not allow marriage and family to stand in the way of her legal studies or, once called to the Bar, her career as a lawyer?
      • A couple's wartime romance led to 60 years of marriage.
      • People often pose the question in terms of social equality, but marriage is also an institution of economic rights.
      • Their research showed that marriage brings such life-enhancing benefits as lower blood pressure, improved diet and enhanced mental well-being.

  • 2literary

    maridaje masculine
    unión feminine