Translation of marriage lines in Spanish:

marriage lines

partida de matrimonio, n.

plural noun


  • 1

    partida de matrimonio feminine
    certificado de matrimonio masculine
    (with masculine article in the singular) acta de matrimonio feminine Mexico
    • The claim must be supported with death certificates and marriage lines of the past descendants plus the applicants own birth certificate.
    • The coming local elections are well and truly a family affair, with seven husband and wife teams joined on party lines as well as by marriage lines to fight seats.
    • Once the certificate is deposited, you can obtain an officially certified English-language translation of your marriage lines at any time, upon application and payment of the appropriate fee.
    • The registration of marriages and the issuing of ‘marriage lines ' to be held by one of the spouses, usually the wife, were important procedures for establishing status and the legitimacy of children.
    • Using birth certificates, archives and marriage lines John tries to understand more about the circumstances surrounding his birth and why he was given away.