Translation of marshmallow in Spanish:


malvavisco, n.

Pronunciation /mɑːʃˈmaləʊ//ˈmɑrʃˌmɛloʊ/


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    malvavisco masculine
    gomita feminine Venezuela
    bombón masculine Mexico
    • There on the back was cheese, caramel, butter, plain, and even marshmallow flavored popcorn!
    • Homemade marshmallows are dusted with confectioner's sugar and cut in squares.
    • David had begun a conversation with the twins over the best kind of marshmallow to eat.
    • She bit into the charred marshmallow, spilling hot liquid marshmallow down her chin.
    • A pavlova sounds a little tricky for the cook, but really it's just a meringue with a chewy or marshmallow centre and I haven't eaten one for a long time.
    • There's a sweetness too, a hint of toasted marshmallow.
    • Chad paused, and examined the squishy white marshmallow he was holding.
    • Invite each princess to build a castle of marshmallows, gumdrops, soft candies and toothpicks.
    • The marshmallow centre will sink and leave high, crisp sides.
    • Who was the person that first thought of putting marshmallow in hot chocolate?
    • I do not like vegetables but would eat them if they tasted of chocolate or marshmallow or any other sweets.
    • And what young lady doesn't like the smell of raspberry milkshake, candy and marshmallow?
    • Bakewell base, lemon curd and marshmallow topping, dipped in coconut and adorned with three mini eggs.
    • To get around this, there are now marshmallows derived from fish gelatin.
    • Other time-honored trout baits include kernels of corn and pinches of marshmallow.
    • Jerking the stick out of the fire can send the hot marshmallow flying toward a fellow camper's hair or face.
    • His cheeks were bright red from the heat and he was holding a stick of gooey marshmallow that we'd toasted only moments before.
    • Maple syrup is drizzled over roasting vegetables, baked sweet potatoes come with marshmallows, and there are cookies everywhere.
    • The most unusual bread he has tasted recently was marshmallow and beer flavour.
    • It has a refreshing creamy nose with complex hints of juniper, toasted marshmallows and honey.
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    malvavisco masculine