Translation of martial law in Spanish:

martial law

ley marcial, n.


  • 1

    ley marcial feminine
    the country is under martial law se ha impuesto la ley marcial en el país
    • The following day, martial law was declared and the troops rolled in.
    • Even to the pillars of our society, the days of hiding behind civil law, martial law and cannon law are gone.
    • Nor do we declare martial law to keep our people from voting for the kind of government they want.
    • This may be considered military law which should not be confused with the term martial law.
    • Sometime in the past some giant disaster had caused martial law to be declared.
    • Instead he is talking of changing legislation to allow the imposition of martial law.
    • Afterwards a state of emergency will be declared and martial law instituted.
    • The military had been sent to keep martial law, but because of the wars, they were pulled out.
    • The town was closed to journalists while fresh troops were brought in and martial law declared.
    • Some military leaders and others believe that martial law must be imposed, but this offers little comfort.
    • In response, Charles imposed martial law and applied it to soldiers and civilians alike.
    • The state of civilian emergency can be upgraded to a state of military emergency, under which martial law can be imposed.
    • Moreover, it considers that the crimes occurred at a time of civil war, and thus fall under martial law.
    • She did not say if the end of martial law would mean the end of major military operations in the province.
    • We were still deep in the repression of martial law, or post-martial law.
    • He criticised martial law but warned of bloodshed and civil war, counselling patience rather than defiance.
    • Sometimes, the military rules directly and calls it martial law.
    • The Government has responded by declaring martial law and pouring thousands more troops into the region.
    • There is a state of emergency or martial law; there are military cordons and official broadcasts.
    • The general wanted to impose martial law, but the president opposed it.