Translation of martyr in Spanish:


mártir, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈmɑrdər//ˈmɑːtə/


  • 1

    (masculine and feminine) mártir
    he died a martyr fue mártir
    • he's a martyr to arthritis la artritis lo tiene martirizado
    • to play the martyr hacerse el mártir
    • But she has that martyr complex… Sometimes she's like a walking children's book.
    • The rumour then said that the failed registration was planned in order to make the leader look like a martyr and win the sympathy of the people.
    • Don't let yourself become attached to a martyr complex.
    • There are plenty of false martyrs out there that are completely unworthy of our sympathy.
    • But I always thought that story had kind of a martyr complex.
    • Those who love to play the martyr submerge their own personalities. They devote a lifetime to unnecessary servitude and privation.
    • Striking the martyr pose is good public relations because it distracts attention from the real issues.
    • He seemed to embrace the role of the free-speech martyr.
    • Suzie knows from experience that being a martyr to the workplace is an addiction, and she helps people break out of it.
    • Instead, she becomes a martyr and as she does so we start to lose sympathy.
    • Displaying all a martyr's egotism, she spoke of the inevitability of an outpouring of support or anger.
    • I did say it would curtail my daytime internet surfing, adopting the air of a martyr to the communal good.
    • Or do I play the martyr, fake genuine happiness, and stay because it's the best for our sons but not for me?
    • Or would she be left alone or converted as a martyr to the cause of achieving a work-family balance?
    • On one extreme, we may decide to play the martyr -- to keep quiet and endure great pains so as not to create a scene or disrupt others.
    • Some parents put their children first in order to play the martyr.
    • In her defense she said at the council meeting the report was tabled, she was ‘happy to be a martyr to the ratepayers of this area’.
    • You so love to play the martyr though, don't you?

transitive verb

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    to be martyred sufrir el martirio