Translation of martyrdom in Spanish:


martirio, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑːtədəm//ˈmɑrdərdəm/


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    martirio masculine
    • History is full of their bloody exploits, conquests, sacrifices and martyrdoms.
    • Christianity in the first three centuries was a religion of martyrdom.
    • So the following years brought further opposition and persecution, and even martyrdom, to evangelical missionaries in Mexico.
    • What does the Bible tell us about the ministry, martyrdom, resurrection and ascension of the two witnesses?
    • Obedience, suffering, and martyrdom are also the theme of Jesus' words in John 12.
    • The missionary Jesuit order developed a speciality in clinical depictions of torturous martyrdoms.
    • His martyrdom is the first - and only one - among the Apostles to be recorded in Scripture.
    • We are reminded, for example, that belief in the resurrection of the dead is not an essential feature of the Jewish Bible but a view that developed primarily in response to the martyrdoms of the Maccabean revolt.
    • His first encounter with the Stations of the Cross set him howling with fright in church; his compulsory bedtime reading as a child was stories of Christian saints and their martyrdoms.
    • As of this modern age these acts of martyrdoms are regarded as legends but they are based on historical facts and foundation.
    • In mentioning martyrdom of course, the question of religion comes up.
    • A tragedian, Rubens loved to depict battles, atrocities, martyrdoms and slaughters.
    • Reports of martyrdoms steeled resistance to persecution and were the source of encouragement to persevere.
    • Most notable to European eyes at this time was their religious fanaticism and willingness to seek martyrdom through death in battle.
    • His characters lived and understood themselves in a fallen world where martyrdom was often the cost of salvation.
    • An extraordinary letter was written by the prior of the monastery two years before his martyrdom.
    • They are the words of the martyrs, martyrdom being the frequent fate of prophets.
    • The persecutions and martyrdoms seemed to have solidified the believers' faith.
    • Throughout the entire span of their eventful history, they have struggled and fought for universal causes and have courted martyrdoms to uphold the values of truth, justice and freedom.
    • In each apostle portrait, each man holds the symbol of his martyrdom.