Translation of martyred in Spanish:


de mártir, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑrdərd//ˈmɑːtəd/


  • 1

    (expression/tone) de mártir
    • It was a snack shop; he turned to the lady at the counter with a martyred expression, amazed inside at how easy it was to lie.
    • I glanced over and almost leapt out of my skin to see Will being wheeled into the room in a blue hospital wheelchair, a look of martyred boredom on his face, mingled with a sneaky eagerness and a hint of shame.
    • Renny quit his pummeling and struck a martyred pose.
    • At this stage I'm going around with a martyred look on my face, indicating to everyone that I am abstaining from something, which goes against what I learned at school.
    • Some stand as if in a martyred silence, some have bullhorns.