Translation of marvel in Spanish:


maravilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑrvəl//ˈmɑːv(ə)l/


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    maravilla feminine
    it's a marvel (to me) there wasn't an accident! me parece increíble que no ocurriera un accidente
    • it's a marvel how she copes es una maravilla cómo se las arregla
    • These things are marvels of modern engineering, if you ask me.
    • Go to your local library, get a little help, and you'll be online and enjoying these marvels of both nature and technology.
    • Custom barrels are marvels of technology and worth their price.
    • Still, not everyone is entirely amused by such technological marvels.
    • One of the marvels of the twentieth century is the electric alarm clock.
    • I don't know where I would be without the technological marvels of the twenty-first century.
    • It's a technological marvel and will give computer gaming a whole new meaning.
    • To many readers, however, the finest discoveries of the book would be priceless nuggets of information about the marvels of nature and antiquity.
    • He relied on his own innate genius in his lifelong quest to uncover the marvels of Nature.
    • The canal was like any of our recent technological marvels, in that it cut costs and improved productivity.
    • The book is divided into six cantos, describing the plan of the city, the monuments and the technological marvels of those days.
    • Before my injury, this place seemed to be a bustling world full of life and technological marvels.
    • The big bang theory, evolution, plate tectonics, and other scientific marvels fascinated me.
    • You can spend a few minutes or a few hours exploring these architectural marvels without ever forgetting you're in the city.
    • He can still credit marvels, the little miracles and epiphanies that rise out of our daily lives.
    • The film deals with saints, marvels and even miracles and through this you are reminded that there is more to life than money and just making as much of it as possible.
    • Scientists can create animals with the cells of other species, but are these chimeras medical marvels or high-tech monsters?
    • If we adopt a responsible approach to our use of the Internet we can only expand our horizons through the marvel of this new technology.
    • While the salad was wonderful in its simplicity, the baked Camembert was a marvel of complexity.
    • The hand-dryer can either be a technological marvel or a complete waste of space.

intransitive verb

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    to marvel at sth maravillarse de algo