Translation of marvelous in Spanish:


maravilloso, adj.

(British marvellous)

Pronunciation /ˈmɑrv(ə)ləs//ˈmɑːv(ə)ləs/


  • 1

    how marvelous/that's marvelous! ¡qué maravilla!
    • But meanwhile, with marvelous artistry, he skillfully carved a snowy ivory statue.
    • So the crews, I think, did a marvelous job in coordination with the flight attendants.
    • He is currently in good form and his positive attitude is a marvellous help to this noble son of Ulster.
    • Now we have a swimming pool, a marvellous garden and a splendid folly.
    • They are a dedicated team who do a marvellous job and deserve all the help and support they can get.
    • He did a marvellous job and risked his own life to help a neighbour.
    • This is a marvelous opportunity to save this majestic yet misunderstood bird from extinction in Namibia.
    • We are doing a marvellous job of bringing through young players and the upturn in fortunes is just around the corner.
    • She has done a marvellous job for 50 years and given her life to the country.
    • The most marvelous tales of weeping and woe are preached in poetic extreme.
    • Many groups and organisations got involved and they all did a marvellous job.
    • To their credit they have done a marvellous job and it has more than justified its cost.
    • David said the volunteers had done a marvellous job and he was pleased to give them a boost when their energy levels ran low.
    • He's done a marvelous job of putting minorities into positions of power.
    • The group and their volunteer helpers are doing a marvelous job but are limited by lack of funds for materials.