Translation of marzipan in Spanish:


mazapán, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑːzɪpan//ˈmɑrtsəˌpæn//ˌmɑːzɪˈpan//ˈmɑrzəˌpæn/


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    mazapán masculine
    • It makes icings, marzipan and nut products, which it supplies to caterers and supermarkets.
    • When baked between layers of aromatic almond marzipan, I can't imagine a better summertime dessert.
    • Elaborate use of food-colouring, marzipan, other decorative edibles and props meant that every cake was both memorable and intensely personal.
    • One factory, which produced machines for making waffles and marzipan before the war, had been entirely converted to munitions.
    • The French prepare marzipan by combining ground almonds with sugar syrup boiled to the soft ball stage.
    • I have a particularly uncontrollable weakness for marzipan which made these desserts my favourite.
    • But more to the point, almonds mean marzipan, which also originated in the Orient.
    • In the larder stood a huge Christmas cake covered with marzipan and thick white icing, which Beth had baked several months ago.
    • It is distinguished by the use of marzipan or almond paste.
    • A Simnel cake is a rich fruitcake baked with a layer of marzipan in the middle and topped with a layer of marzipan as well.
    • They make a little mousse then they make the child's name from the thinnest layer of marzipan.
    • Anyway, it turns out that underneath the marzipan and icing sugar of his gorgeous first birthday cake there lies a fine old-fashioned Dundee cake, perfect for dunking.
    • The dessert course of fruits, figs, almonds, fritters and marzipan was often eaten in a separate banqueting room or house built for the purpose so that the Great Hall could be cleared.
    • Add water to mixture in the processor, one tablespoon at a time, until the paste has the consistency of marzipan.
    • In a small bowl, knead the remaining almonds, marzipan, and lime zest and juice until well-combined.
    • They are also asking for 15 kg of marzipan, 15 kg of fondant icing and 800 paper napkins.
    • Bakery windows were crammed with marzipan pumpkins and spidery confections.
    • I ate so many dates stuffed with almonds or marzipan, I felt I was going to turn into one.
    • Even if you cannot bear the thought of messing around with marzipan and icing you will probably enjoy making the cake itself.
    • Cakes and desserts made of fruits and marzipan, a sweet almond paste, are sold in pastry shops and on the streets.