Translation of mascara in Spanish:


rímel, n.

Pronunciation /maˈskɑːrə//mæˈskɛrə/

nounPlural mascaras

  • 1

    rímel masculine trademark
    • Her hair was tangled at the moment and her eyes were flooded by mascara and eyeliner.
    • I put on my blue army bandanna in the bathroom along with my mascara, eyeliner and lip-gloss.
    • My eyes had a light coating of mascara and some eyeliner applied, but that was as far as I was going with makeup.
    • Her black eyeliner and mascara was running and she knew she looked horrible.
    • My hair was tied up in a ponytail with a ribbon, and my face looked fresh with lip gloss and mascara.
    • This helps you to fix any last minute smudging from mascara or eyeliner under the eyes.
    • Lengthening and thickening mascaras, shimmery lip glosses and shadows often take away the attention of the cheeks.
    • She stood in front of the mirror and applied mascara and kohl to her eyes, blinking a few times.
    • Heavy eyeliner and mascara shadowed her dark brown eyes that were void of any emotion.
    • When you apply mascara, use eyelash curlers or your ring finger to gently push the lashes upwards for extra curl.
    • Open bottles of nail polish sat on a nightstand, next to uncapped lipsticks, eye shadows, and mascara.
    • Glossy, coiffed locks, mascara and lipstick are key elements, as are sunglasses and silk scarves.
    • She wears too much makeup and her black mascara and eyeliner smudges all over her face.
    • Smear it over the entire eyelid with your fingertips, then add black mascara and eye pencil along the upper lash line.
    • There is a flush of blusher on her cheekbones, mascara outlining her eyes and a hint of pink lipstick.
    • She wore a bit of mascara, blush, and lipstick and her hair was curled and clipped back.
    • She applied her mascara, and eyeliner then moved on to her clear lip gloss.
    • I had foolishly not put on waterproof mascara either, not expecting to need it!
    • Thick red lipstick was plastered on her full lips that matched with the blue eye shadow and thick mascara.
    • She touched up her powder and mascara then took a good look at herself in the mirror.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (lashes) ponerse rímel en