Translation of mash in Spanish:


puré de papas, n.

Pronunciation /mæʃ//maʃ/


  • 1British informal

    (mashed potato)
    puré de papas masculine
    puré de patatas masculine Spain
    naco masculine Colombia
    • King Edwards, for example are a dry floury potato that will disintegrate around the edges when boiled, so makes excellent mash, roast and chips.
    • Opt for simple comforting English fare like fish-finger sarnies with ketchup, or Cornish pasties and sausage and mash.
    • She did sausages and mash and toad in the hole - that was one of our favourites.
    • The steak with mash seemed a bit pedestrian by contrast.
    • I opted for the wild boar sausage and mash, with a side helping of hummus and ciabatta.
    • It was tender and tasty, and the potato and chive mash was every bit as good as our waiter had promised.
    • Creamy garlic-flavoured potato mash would be delicious with this and the tomato and watercress salad below.
    • Remove skewers, slice the sausage and serve on a pile of mash.
    • One word of advice: when you are boiling potatoes, whether to make mash or to roast them, don't let the water boil too vigorously.
    • The Cumberland sausage and mash served on an adjoining table looked vast.
    • And the sausage and mash was actually very good: a nice local venison banger and tweedy potato.
    • The rump steak was succulent and was served with creamy mash, although the overcooked ratatouille let the dish down.
    • This dish is perfect served with creamy mash and buttered cabbage.
    • We still do roasts on site and we still do pies, and fish and chips, and sausage and mash.
    • Traditionalists will be drawn to steaks or the Cumberland sausages with mash and onion gravy, while lighter tastes are catered for with grilled salmon.
    • As the name suggests, the menu contains a lot of sausage and mash and steamed puddings, but it's fun, fast and all wonderfully fattening.
    • Potato is also a staple of Hungarian cuisine and the restaurant offers potato mash and roasted nut-formed potato.
    • Serve with creamy mash and blanched buttery cabbage, or try the sliced celeriac dish that follows, which again can be made ahead and reheated to serve.
    • For our main course, we plumped for wild mushroom and leek lasagne, and pork and apple sausages, with mustard mash and red wine gravy.
    • I am not sure there is a more welcoming sight on a cold autumn evening than a trio of sticky, glistening sausages and a deep pile of creamy mash.
  • 2

    (animal feed)
    afrecho masculine
    • He had run her too much; he would have to tell Meric, the stable boy, to give her oats and a mash, plus a blanket to stop her from shivering.
    • Protein-rich worm feed and chicken mash are added for supplements.
    • If no pasture is available then the mare will have to be fed a bran mash to keep the feces loose.
    • She slowly transferred them to Pro-nutro then growing mash and finally garden bird seed.
    • Starter mash for chicks and poults usually has amprolium added, which is a coccidiostat.
  • 3

    (in brewing)
    malta feminine
    • To make the mash, the malted barley is crushed between rollers and then wet with hot water, at around 65°C.
    • This imparts a distinctive taste to the fermented barley mash from which the water of life is distilled.
    • The ideal pH of the wort, which is the mash soaked in hot water, is about 4.7.
    • I suspect that the reason the recipe calls for a large amount of sugar in the wort is that this mash doesn't produce enough fermentable sugars to make beer.

transitive verb


  • 1

    (potatoes/bananas) hacer puré de
    (bananas/potatoes) moler Mexico Chile
    (potatoes/bananas) chafar Spain
    (bananas/potatoes) pisar River Plate Venezuela
    (bananas/potatoes) espichar Colombia
    mashed potato(es) puré de papas masculine
    • Once the potatoes have been mashed, ensuring that there are no lumps left in the mash, add the sliced spring onions and give the potatoes one final whip.
    • Drain the potatoes thoroughly, then mash with 50g butter and the hot milk, adding the mustard and seasoning to taste.
    • Rice cakes and crispbreads can be spread with low fat cream cheese or try mashed banana and then pile sliced fruit on top.
    • In a large bowl or food processor, mash bananas until mushy.
    • Mash together the sage, thyme and pine nuts with a little bit of olive oil, either using a mortar and pestle, a small food-processor, or by chopping the pine nuts and herbs and then mashing the mixture with a spoon.
    • The fish was served on a pile of sorrel with mashed chickpeas.
    • Just before you're ready to serve the stew, mash one or two of the potatoes against the cooker's side, and blend them into the broth.
    • For complete neophytes, you mash squash and potatoes with a potato masher.
    • Mashed avocado is also ideal for babies, since it is mild and creamy in flavour yet higher in vitamins B1 and B2, potassium and magnesium than any other fruit or vegetable.
    • Stir in the rest of the ingredients and use a potato masher to mash everything together, being careful not to scratch the pot's nonstick surface.
    • They will even swallow pebbles and rocks, which aid digestion by helping to mash the food in the crocodile's stomach.
    • We had peas, spicy chickpeas, yoghurt curry, dhal and mashed banana with tamarind sauce, coriander leaf chutney and millet bread.
    • The recipe book notes that over-ripe bananas can be mashed then frozen until ready to use for baking.
    • Leafy vegetables may also be mashed together with the starchy foods.
    • And don't forget, they can also be mashed like potatoes for a bit of variety.
    • You may use steamed and mashed homemade foods or baby foods from jars.
    • We had to mash her food for a while but she's better now.
    • Back in the small village, Janey stood in her home kitchen mashing food for her daughter who sat in her crib waiting for her lunch.
    • The premolars, which are flatter than the canines, grind and mash food.
    • With a potato masher, mash the tomatoes and bread together.