Translation of masking tape in Spanish:

masking tape

cinta adhesiva protectora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑːskɪŋ teɪp//ˈmæskɪŋ ˌteɪp/


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    cinta adhesiva protectora feminine
    cinta de enmascarar feminine Colombia
    tirro masculine Venezuela
    • Cover wood edge with masking tape to protect it, then mix the grout according to package instructions.
    • Be sure to cover the edge of the floor with a paint guide or masking tape.
    • The most common masking tape is the standard tan tape, which will work for most projects.
    • Next, it is crucial to use some newspaper and masking tape to cover up areas where you don't want paint to get.
    • Cut small triangular slits in the paper and tape over these to the drywall with masking tape.
    • To keep from splintering the back, cover the cut line with masking tape before you cut.
    • To protect the surrounding floor, put masking tape around the old/damaged tile.
    • Use masking tape where two paint colors come together for a much neater job.
    • With the countertop face-up, apply masking tape over the cut area and pencil a cut line on the tape.
    • The tiled street signs were covered by black masking tape and replaced by bright yellow signs on poles and a temporary café has been built on a piece of wasteland.
    • Use regular masking tape to attach the plastic sheeting on top of the painting tape.
    • After applying masking tape, press the edge down with a block of wood to make sure there is a good bond.
    • Have extra masking tape in several widths available along with scissors, a pencil and several rags to clean up spills.
    • Paint the wall a bright green, then rip masking tape to create an uneven, ragged edge.
    • To protect the floor, put masking tape around the board to be replaced.
    • Then, tape it to the floor with masking tape pressed over the cutouts.
    • Cut the excess off with a handsaw; but first, mark the cut line with some masking tape to protect against chipping.
    • Once the patch is in place, tape it down on all four sides with masking tape.
    • Put the place setting inside a paper cup; place a second cup on top, and seal them together with masking tape.
    • And make sure to put masking tape around places where you want to avoid getting paint.