Translation of masochism in Spanish:


masoquismo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmæsəˌkɪzəm//ˈmæzəˌkɪzəm//ˈmasəkɪz(ə)m/


  • 1

    masoquismo masculine
    • Disease or degeneration could suppress, heighten, or pervert the sexual instinct, giving rise to frigidity, nymphomania, or perversions such as sadism, masochism, fetishism, or homosexuality.
    • Essentially, Robert and I are both dominants, but we're dominants who like to play with sadism / masochism in the context of our sexual relationship.
    • Yet she may have sadism / masochism fantasies, perhaps secret, perhaps acted out.
    • So we are suffering both humiliation and masochism.
    • It organizes its mise en scène to compose a metaphor for this primal space in which sadism and masochism intersect and in which, by virtue of the social order, some private sexual fantasies are turned into a system.
    • But going back to topic… Can there be a sexual relations with sadism / masochism or domination/ submission without having psychological abuse?
    • Sadism and masochism might be taken as extreme manifestations of the roles of the sexes as encoded by society and (in the view of many) by biology.
    • Though the pursuit of sexual ecstasy through pain is seen as masochism, as a perversion, Bataille argues that this is one example of liberation through surrender.
    • Or, to put it another way, it denies the possibility that masochism can exist outside of sexual fantasy, or that the real world can contain opportunities for erotic pleasure.
    • Yet her sexual masochism is oddly mixed with non-erotic desires for an omnipotent caretaker, infantile wishes that parallel his yearning for divine love.
    • Still, it's not easy to speak of masochism for long without invoking sadism, and vice versa.
    • His eyes widened as he read about sadism and masochism, bondage and domination.
    • Unlike sadism, which depends upon action and immediate gratification, masochism savors suspense and distance.
    • These processes are contrasted with masochism as explanations of self-directed wit.
    • The effect of the emotional power of a film such as this one is that it dominates the thinking of the viewer, such that he is unable to entertain points of view other than the two choices of sadism and masochism.
    • Sadism and masochism, like fetishism, annex pleasure to established systems of desire.
    • In order to trace these various relationships, I must begin by proposing a way of understanding masochism that deviates from the conventional view that its origins lie in sexuality.
    • There are different theories related to sexual masochism, many stemming from the psychoanalytic camp.
    • Algolagnia is a psychiatric term covering sadism and masochism.
    • At the same time, Freudian psychoanalysis offers an understanding of the formations of sadism and masochism as complementary and vacillating.